Big 10 cancels Fall football, hopes to play in Spring

The Big 10 conference has cancelled fall football, among others sports, statement here.

I think this is a huge mistake. Other sports have already shown that you can have a season and do it safely. Also, this is a huge money loss. I guarantee you that the same people saying to cancel fall football will say to cancel spring football. They’re not thinking clearly. College students are among the least at risk, in that there’s essentially no risk. Maybe some of the professors or coaches are at some risk, but unless they plan on kissing the kids, you’re not likely to spread anything.

This just strikes me as needless hysteria. I don’t like how we went from “15 days to flatten the curve and slow the spread.” to “We can’t do anything because someone might die.” or “We have to wait for a vaccine.”

I get that this is only football but if you’re going to have classes on campus, why would you not have sports?

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