Video Game News- August 12th, 2020

Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021. It was originally supposed to be a launch game for Xbox Series X. It was shown for the first time recently at a Xbox Games Showcase and it got grief for its graphics. I’m not a big graphics guy myself so I thought it looked fine, but I always understand a delay because as Shigeru Miyamoto says “A delayed game eventually comes out, a bad game is bad forever.”

Now, of course, with online patching and stuff that isn’t totally true anymore. However, when a game releases with a huge Day 1 patch/update, that’s a bad sign. It seems most games launch like that these days, though, which really sucks. I remember when Dying Light launched and it didn’t have an update at all, or maybe it was so small that I never noticed it. Either way, the game launched in good shape and didn’t need post-launch fixing. That’s a rarity these days so I’m okay with Halo Infinite being delayed because I assume it’ll make the game better.


-Warframe’s next big update is called Heart of Deimos. It looks really cool, as it adds a third open world environment and planet. Deimos is replacing the Orokin Derelict, which will allow for easy matchmaking as opposed to the key-based system the Orokin Derelict has right now. They’re also introducing a new frame called Xaku, who looks pretty cool so far.

However, what I’m really excited for is they’re revamping the Helminth cyst room and expanding it. They’re allowing you to sacrifice a Warframe (regular, no Primes) and take one of their abilities that you can then swap with one of the abilities on whatever current frame you’re using. For most of the frames, it’ll probably be their first ability you can take (no ultimates, of course) and you can only swap out one ability at a time. But this will allow for a lot of different possibilities.

I’ve been making a lot of the frames in preparation for this, you’ll be able to sacrifice one a day, but when the update launches on August 25th, any parts you need to buy the blueprints for from Simaris will have their Simaris standing cost cut in half. Pablo from DE tweeted that here.

So wait on buying parts blueprints from Simaris if you can, they’re about to get a lot cheaper. Also, tune in to DE Warframe devstreams on Twitch if you can, they’re giving out built parts for tuning in for 30 consecutive minutes. This week it’s Harrow parts with a Khora Blueprint for watching Prime Time on Thursday.

Heart of Deimos launches on August 25th for all platforms.

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