The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from NXT 08-12-2020

GOOD/BAD- Karrion Kross beats Danny Burch

Everyone knew how this was going to play out but it was still all right. Burch got a fair amount of offense in before Kross beat him. I’m still not much of a fan of Kross, the bug eyes and snarling just doesn’t do it for me. Afterwards, Keith Lee came out and cut a promo and gave Kross a contract to face Lee at Takeover 30. It was a nice promo by Lee that built hype but then came a part I’m conflicted about. After Kross signed the contract Lee opened it to verify the signature, I guess, and was hit with a fireball. My initial instinct was it was stupid, I don’t like the supernatural stuff, but I think that’s just my inner Walt Kowalski. I saw some people online who thought it was cool and I don’t want to be the ol’ stick in the mud guy who bashes anything and everything. So, I didn’t care for it but it could be an effective hype-builder and it’s not really a big deal regardless so I’ll just be quiet about it.


GOOD/BAD- Drake Maverick vs. Killian Dane No Contest

The match was interesting until the Undisputed Era ran in and beat down both guys. Adam Cole took the mic and challenged Pat McAfee to come to NXT next week and confront him. I still don’t understand what they’re going for here. Cole is still a heel, they haven’t done anything to try to start a face turn for him. Yet, they had McAfee acting like a childish prick towards Cole, including making a bunch of short jokes at him. That would indicate that they want McAfee to be the heel in this. It’s interesting but they haven’t done anything to try to sway you to one side or the other. I’m a McAfee fan so I’m with him but this is just a little weird. I’m actually for this kind of booking but it’s WWE so I’m just wary, I guess lol.


GOOD/BAD- Santos Escobar defeats Tyler Breeze

The match was a little bit of a cluster but things got even more overbooked afterwards. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza interfered, which led to Fandango running out but still selling his elbow. They start beating him down and Isiah “Swerve” Scott ran out and cleared house. To be honest, with the way WWE books things, I thought they were going to come back from commercial and have a 6-man tag match going between these guys but it just ended.


GOOD- Mia Yim beats Indi Hartwell

They really played up that Yim was off her game because of her concern for Keith Lee. The match was decent and Hartwell got some nice spots before Yim made her tap out for the win.


GOOD- Bronson Reed pins Damian Priest

They went back and forth in this match, which was pretty good. Priest showed some athleticism and Reed showed some of his thiccness, I guess. Reed won the match as they continue to push him. I’m not a big fan of Reed, but at least he doesn’t do any of the stupid shit Otis does on Smackdown.


GOOD- Mercedes Martinez and Aliyah beats Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

Catanzaro and Carter showed some really good double team offense here. We all knew the Robert Stone Brand team was going to win but this was still an entertaining match. Martinez planted Catanzaro with the Air Raid for the win, then Rhea Ripley came out to attack Martinez. Ripley got the upper hand until Aliyah jumped in, prompting Shotzi Blackheart to run and even the odds. Again, I was expecting them to turn this into a tag match but was pleasantly surprised when they showed restraint and didn’t.


GOOD- Cameron Grimes wins over Kushida and Velveteen Dream

Dream made his return but Grimes got the win with the Cave-In stomp on Kushida as he had Dream in the Hoverboard Lock. Grimes pushed Dream out of the ring and pinned Kushida, which allows Dream to be in that match next week to determine the final man in the ladder match at Takeover 30 to crown a new North American Champion. That match will be against Finn Balor, who came out to confront Dream as the show went off the air. Not a great episode but it had its moments.

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