Video Game News- August 13th

DE released an update yesterday, priming things for their big Heart of Deimos update on the 25th. They also released a Dev Workshop talking about the new Helminth system in more detail, including which abilities you can subsume by sacrificing Warframes.

Warframe forum link Warframe Reddit link

This looks really cool and I can’t wait to start subsuming Warframes and getting to experiment with everything. Some of the abilities you can get are surprising and very cool. One early standout for me, though far from the only one as I scanned the list quickly, is you can take Rhino’s Roar. Being able to provide a buff to teammate’s damage is pretty damn awesome. I’ve always liked Rhino, though. Heart of Deimos launches August 25th on all platforms.


Apparently the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 has approximately a 50% bigger battery than the DualShock 4 did. That should translate to better battery life but the DualSense also has more features so it’s hard to say how much better the battery life will be. Hopefully a good deal better because the DualShock 4’s battery life isn’t very good.

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