Video Game News- August 14th

Epic Games (Fortnite) has sued Apple for taking them off of their store. Basically, Epic lowered the cost of their V-Bucks in Fortnite as a way to circumvent Apple’s 30% take, and Apple responded by taking them off the Apple App Store. This is developing but it’s two huge giant corporations fighting publicly so I expect sparks to fly.

This comes days after Microsoft’s xCloud app was denied by Apple. xCloud is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play Xbox games on your phone and tablet. It could be really cool for those who want it and can stream the games. Will Apple be forced to relent?

Google has also removed Fortnite from their app store as well for basically the same reason, though it’s still possible to download it from Epic’s site. So there’s legal trouble brewing there as well. More to come, as they say.


Tom Henderson tweeted yesterday that the new Battlefield is being designed with 128+ players in mind, though 32 vs. 32 will be a standard playlist as well. That could be really cool and make the battles even more intense.

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