NBA Playoffs 2020 Recap and Twitter Beef

By: Frank Hyden

The NBA Playoffs finished their second set of Game 2’s yesterday. To recap the 8 matchups-

Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors, Toronto leads 2-0

Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets, series tied 1-1

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics, Boston leads 2-0

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Clippers, series tied 1-1

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers, Miami leads 2-0

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets, Houston leads 2-0

Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks, series tied 1-1

Portland Trailblazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers, series tied 1-1

The four Game 3’s today are Raptors vs. Nets at 1:30pm EST, Nuggets at Jazz at 4pm EST, Celtics vs. 76ers at 6:30pm EST, and Clippers vs. Mavericks at 9pm EST. You would expect the Raptors, Nuggets, Celtics, and Clippers to win but that’s why they play the game. I do think the Raptors and Celtics win but the other games are tossups.


Mark Jackson said something kind of related to George Karl’s coaching during the game (that there’s a shared responsibility for anyone who allowed Carmelo Anthony to play bad defense in the past) he was calling so Karl fired back on Twitter, talking about the defensive players he coached, all-star teams, etc. Nothing really to add, I just thought it was funny to see. Karl was the better coach but Jackson never really got another chance after being let go by the Warriors. I think this beef will just go away, at least publicly, but it might fester for a bit. I think the playoffs will wipe it away in another day or two, if it even sticks around for that long.

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