Video Game News- August 21st

By: Frank Hyden

-Bungie has published a blog about what locations and activities Destiny 2 is losing on November 10th. I don’t know why they’re removing so much stuff, other than I’ve seen some people saying it’s because the footprint of the game is so large that they don’t want to have it balloon to 200GB+ or something. What I don’t get about that, though, is why can’t they just compress the game to make it smaller? I bought Destiny 2 at launch and played it for a while but after beating the campaign and some of the Strikes and Raids, I was done. I don’t know if this would make me more likely to play Destiny 2 again or not, but I don’t like the idea of removing content from a game. It doesn’t sound good to me. I might be wrong, and maybe most Destiny 2 players don’t mind this or like it?

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