Ben Affleck is back as Batman, so is Michael Keaton

By: Frank Hyden

Ben Affleck is returning as Batman for the upcoming Flash movie. That’s great news, as his Bruce Wayne/Batman was one of the best versions of the character. The only live-action Batman I would consider as good or better is Michael Keaton, who is also returning for that Flash movie. Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne was eh and his Batman sucked. The voice ruined it, it was so over the top and ridiculous that no one would take him seriously. It was literally the voice every young guy would do when trying to sound like a grownup. It was terrible.

Anyway, it’s great to see that Affleck and Keaton will be returning. The Flash movie will be exploring multiverses and all that stuff. I’m not a fan of multiverses generally because it becomes too easy to do some bullshit deaths. “Oh no, Earth 1 Superman is dead!” but then he gets replaced by Earth 3’s Superman so it’s meaningless.

However, the exception being the way DC has done it in their TV shows and what is happening here, where a different actor plays the role. This way, if Affleck’s Batman dies, it still means something because even if he gets replaced by another Batman, it’ll be another actor playing the role.

So despite my general misgivings about multiverses, I’ll gladly take any of them over time travel junk. Time travel is the stupidest story element you can have, period. It never makes any sense. It, by definition, cannot make sense. If you go back in time to kill Hitler in 1937, you wouldn’t have had to go back in time in 2020. But the world would be a completely different place in 2020, you might not even be alive so you wouldn’t have been able to go back in time to kill Hitler in the first place. The problem stems from what is the “true” time? What’s the anchor point from which all time branches off of?

So yeah, Avengers Endgame was a huge disappointment. Not just because of Fat Thor but also the Captain America stuff. If he went back in time to live his life with Peggy, he wouldn’t have been there to fight the Chitauri in Avengers 1, or Ultron in Avengers 2. He couldn’t have fought Thanos. It makes no sense. Let alone giving the shield to frigging Sam, who’s already a hero. A lame hero in some eyes, but still, a hero. And he doesn’t have the Supersoldier serum. If they want a black guy to be Captain America so much, which I have no problem with as it’s a mantle meant to be passed from person to person, create a new character who’s been given the serum. Either that or give Sam the serum. You can’t be Captain America if you’re a normal Joe Blow.

Anyway, this new Flash movie will be about multiverses. Ok, that sounds interesting, I can live with the way they’re doing it. However, there’s still a huge problem.

Ezra Miller is terrible.

Not only is there that choking incident, but he was terrible as The Flash in Justice League. I haven’t seen any of his other movies so maybe he can act, but he sucked as The Flash. He wasn’t funny, he wasn’t heartfelt, he was just terrible. Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW show is so much better. He’s not really funny, though he has his moments, but he’s so much better at playing the person.

Now maybe this is a Eric Bana/Ang Lee situation, or Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan situation. Bana is a good actor but he was bad in Ang Lee’s Hulk movie. Bale is a good actor but he was bad in Nolan’s Batman movies. It happens sometimes, where a good actor does a bad job in a movie. So maybe Miller will do a good job in this one? That usually doesn’t happen, though, where an actor will be bad in one movie and good in the next, while playing the same character.

I’ve always liked The Flash character so I’m hoping this movie will be good, and I’ll certainly give it a chance. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ll expect the worst so I can be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be a good movie.

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