The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 08/22/2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- FTR beats Private Party

As would be expected, this was a pretty good tag match. What it lacked in drama it made up for with quickness and action. FTR picked up the hard-fought win. Private Party will be going places, and looked good here, but FTR is the team of today.

GOOD- Jurassic Express and Natural Nightmares beat The Butcher, The Blade, and Lucha Bros.

This match was fine, it was more about setting up Eddie Kingston aligning with the heels, though. It filled some time and featured some okay action.

GOOD/BAD- Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy promo and rubber match

Cassidy was supposed to give an interview but Jericho interrupted and challenged him to a rubber match at All Out, where the object is to throw your opponent into a vat of orange juice and champagne. That sounds really dumb. I’ll give it a chance because I like these guys but the concept is really out there. Maybe it’ll be good, though?

GOOD- Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks beat The Dark Order

The match was pretty good. Kind of indie-riffic but that’s what you expect from Omega and The Bucks. There was no drama in the match, either, as you knew there was no chance in hell The Dark Order would win. Not right now, they need to make Omega and The Bucks strong so when FTR beats them it means more.

BAD/GOOD- Darby Allin beats Will Hobbs

This had all the markings of a squash match, a guy in the middle of a push versus some dude out of nowhere, but Hobbs showed a lot of potential and got a fair amount of offense. He’s pretty big and athletic so I could see him going places. After the match, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks beat down Allin.

GOOD/BAD- Diamante and Ivelisse beat The Nightmare Sisters

Diamante and Ivelisse won the Women’s Tag Team Cup. The match wasn’t all good, though I also didn’t think it was all that bad either. It was just kind of there. The right team won and hopefully this means we see more of both of them moving forward.

GOOD- Brodie Lee beats Cody to win the TNT Championship

Lee completely dominated Cody here. They even did a stretcher job for Cody here, which Lee interrupted by attacking Arn Anderson and dumping the stretcher over. The Dark Order came out, having beaten the hell out of Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. Brandi came out to check on Cody but got put out by Anna Jay. The Dark Order stood tall as they closed the show in dominant fashion. Nice way to put them over strong.

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