The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from SummerSlam 2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- Apollo Crews beats MVP

This match wasn’t great, but it was fairly good. It was a nice solid way to kick off the kickoff the evening on the preshow. Crews won clean with his toss powerbomb.

GOOD- Bayley beats Asuka

They went back-and-forth in this match before Sasha Banks took a hip attack on the apron for Bayley that allowed Bayley to roll up Asuka and get the win. They attacked Asuka further after the match. They didn’t go all out here as Asuka has to wrestle again later so this didn’t reach some of their earlier matches, but it was still good.

BAD- The Street Profits beat Andrade and Angel Garza

This match wasn’t very good for a couple of reasons. For one, the wrong team won. This was the time for Andrade and Garza to win. For two, this was really short. Zelina ended up getting knocked off the apron and Andrade tended to her, so he wasn’t there to take the tag from Garza. Then the Profits hit their finisher and it was over. They’ve teased Andrade and Garza breaking up so many times it means nothing now.

GOOD/BAD- Mandy Rose beats Sonya Deville

This was short, though that was expected, and had good intensity, but it was weird that they had Mandy look so strong against Sonya. I thought they would have Sonya dominate but Mandy get a roll-up or something at the end to win. This was Loser Leaves WWE, and I don’t know how they’re going to bring Sonya back. This is clearly not the end of the angle but hopefully they have something decent planned as a way for her to come back. After the win, Mandy celebrated with Otis and tried her own Caterpillar. It was cute and funny because it wasn’t good. At all.

GOOD- Seth Rollins beats Dominick Mysterio

Both guys took some big kendo shots during this match. They really worked the family angle here, even involving Rey’s wife. The finish came when Dominick tried a frog splash that Seth blocked, then as Dominick was crawling around Seth hit him with The Stomp and got the win. Dominick looked really good here, he almost looked as good as Pat McAfee did in his match against Adam Cole. It’s really impressive both guys were able to look as good as they did in their debuts.

GREAT- Asuka beats Sasha Banks

The in-ring action was really good, but it was the storytelling that took this over the top. There was a lot of reversals and counters and they played off each other well. There was one nasty looking spot where Sasha powerbombed Asuka off the apron to the mat below. That was sick looking. After more back and forth, they did a replay of the earlier spot where Bayley was on the apron but moved out of the way of a hip attack from Asuka, unlike Sasha who took it earlier to give Bayley a distraction. Asuka then locked in the Asuka Lock for the submission to win the RAW Women’s Championship. This likely means that Sasha will cost them the Tag Team Titles next week at Payback and cement them breaking up and then go after Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s Championship herself. I’ve liked the Golden Role Models but I suppose it was inevitable that WWE would break them up sooner rather than later.

GOOD- Drew McIntyre beats Randy Orton

I thought they would have Orton win here but they delivered a very good match with a surprise finish. McIntyre went for a Claymore that Orton countered with a RKO that McIntyre reversed into a backslide to get the pin. That was well-done and a real surprise to have the match end like that. I like Drew retaining the WWE Title, as I think he still has plenty of gas left in his reign.

GOOD- The Fiend beats Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns returns

The match was serviceable and about what you would expect from these guys. They had a fun brawl. The Fiend hit two Sister Abigails to finish off Braun and win the WWE Universal Title. After the match, Roman Reigns ran down and laid out both Braun and The Fiend. Roman adds some new blood to the top of the card on Smackdown. WWE had also announced earlier that Keith Lee is coming to RAW tonight so both shows are getting a new face that should change things up a bit. Nice way to end the show.

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