Sports On Strike

By: Frank Hyden

Note- If anyone happens to read this, I’m sorry for the length. I didn’t start writing this intending for it to be so long.

The NBA, WNBA, MLS, and MLB all postponed games as a result of the Jacob Blake shooting. This is so ridiculous I was stunned and outraged when I first heard the news. The only thing that keeps me from being completely disheartened by this is the idea that maybe they don’t know the whole story and are reacting on emotion. That’s no excuse, of course, and there will be no apologies for acting like a bunch of virtue-signaling dopes, but at least that would give me the hope that not everyone is a race-baiting idiot.

That’s damn sure the impression I’m getting right now. Because there’s no indication that this has anything to do with race other than the man who was shot is black and the officer who shot him is white. Other than that, there’s nothing to suggest that this had something to do with race. Let’s look at some facts. news story about the event

The Wisconsin Department of Justice revealed several key details about what happened before the shooting.

-A woman called 911 because her boyfriend was present and was not supposed to be on the premises

-Officers arrived and tried to arrest Blake, even using a Taser, which was unsuccessful

-After breaking free from the officers, Blake walked around the front of his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door, leaning into the vehicle

-The officer then fired 7 shots into Blake’s back

-Blake admitted to investigators that he did have a knife in the car, which was recovered from the driver’s side floorboard

There’s also more information. Blake has an active warrant for criminal trespass, domestic abuse, and third degree sexual assault.

So, he’s got a warrant out for sexual assault, had 911 called on him, fought officers, resisted arrest, ignored orders and was going for a knife in his vehicle, and then got shot?

And THIS is the guy all these people are protesting about? Where are the feminists? This guy was an abuser and was back at his girlfriend’s house, who is presumably the one he’s got the warrant out for abusing in the first place. So he shows up back at her house when he’s not supposed to be there? That’s the guy athletes are going on strike about? The same guy who thinks he doesn’t have to obey the law, that rules don’t apply to him? This is the guy the mainstream media is running cover for? The idiot who doesn’t listen to an officer who has a gun drawn on him?

This is mind-blowing. How can this many people be so completely and utterly wrong on a story? I’ve lost track of how many stories about this case I’ve seen that describe it as “A black man was shot in the back 7 times while walking away from police.” Or that he was “helping break up a fight”. This is complete nonsense.

We all know that the media loves to stir up racial division. Everytime there’s a story with a black victim and white perpetrator, that’s front and center in the headline. But when it’s the other way around, race is never mentioned. That’s because they want to further the narrative that black people are being slaughtered in the streets. They never tell you that you’re overwhelmingly more likely to be killed by someone who has the same skin color as you. The media looks for racism and if it’s not there, will make it up, and present it as real. Then, by the time the truth comes out, they’ve moved on to the next “racist” story.

The main problem with race relations in this country is that we have multiple generations of people who have grown up hearing from every person they know that black are being oppressed and held back by a white boogeyman. Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, friends, neighbors, teachers, etc. have all told them growing up that they’ll always be held back and treated poorly because of their skin color. And the media reinforces that. Movies, TV shows, news reports, etc. all further ingrain it into your mind.

Then what happens is confirmation bias. Every negative thing that happens to you is because of racism. There’s no other explanation. You get passed over for a promotion? Racism. Get a speeding ticket? Racism. Cashier rude to you? Racism. Shop owner stares at you while in their store? Racism. A white pundit criticizes a black athlete? Racism. Got a bad test score? Racism. And on and on and on.

It becomes that literally everything wrong in your life is a direct result of racism. Now, to be clear, it’s not just black people who hear this growing up. White kids hear it too. That’s why there’s so many guilty white people out there. And when you hear that from people you know and trust, it has to be right. So people stop questioning it, they stop thinking logically about it. It just becomes something you accept, despite the fact that if you were to stop and think about it for a second, it falls apart.

This is why there’s so many people out there who believe in the wage gap. The idea that men and women are paid differently for the same job is ludicrous if you really think about it. You can debunk the wage gap in less than 10 seconds. The general idea is that women are paid 80 cents (the number varies between 77-80 usually) for every dollar a man makes. Ok, so here goes. Let’s debunk this quick.

If a company can pay a woman $8 a hour to do a job. Or they can pay a man $10 a hour to do the exact same job, why would they ever hire a man? Why not fire all the men, hire only women and save themselves 20% on their payroll? It gets even better, though. The 80 cents is what white women make. Black women make 68 cents for every dollar a white man makes. So fire the white women and hire the black women and you’ve now saved 32%. Oh, but Latina and Hispanic women make 52 cents for every dollar a white man makes. So fire the black women and hire the Latinas and you’ve just cut your payroll in half. Boom, problem solved.

Or perhaps there’s more than meets the eye with stuff like this? Another way to debunk the wage gap is to see that it’s based on a fundamental misunderstanding of statistics. The original numbers were because they took the average man’s salary per year and the average woman’s salary per year and divided it by 52 for the weeks in a year. There’s a problem with that. Men, on average, work more hours in a week than women. They also work at higher paying jobs. Some of these are because of the danger involved (oil rigs and such) and some is just based on choices. Areas that men prefer to work in pay higher than areas that women prefer to work in. Women who get pregnant also have to stop working at a certain point.

So, this is something that you have to do a little research into to find these numbers. But at the same time, logic and common sense tells you that it can’t be right. However, there are very intelligent people who repeat this nonsense every year on Equal Pay Day. Teachers, professors, scientists, and so on repeat this junk. President Barack Obama says this every year. The Washington Post has even said this isn’t true. If you don’t know much about The Washington Post, they’re a very liberal and woke newspaper. If they’re saying that, whoa.

But still, it persists. Why?

It sounds true, it plays on your emotions. It elicits sympathy. Most, and probably almost all, people are good people who don’t like seeing suffering. Who want to help those less fortunate, those who haven’t gotten any good breaks. So when you hear that people are suffering, you don’t question it. Especially when this comes from people you know and trust. People you grew up hearing from. You don’t question, you want to act, you want to help. That’s human nature, to want to help others.

However, you should question. “Where did you hear this from? How do they know this? Who told them?” And right on down the line. You also need to question “Who benefits from this?”.

The question of who benefits from these protests and overall mentality is an important one, but that’ll have to wait for now. I’ve already made this post way longer than I had intended, so I’ll bring it back to this specific case.

Why did Jacob Blake refuse to heed the warnings of officers? Why did he fight with them? Then walk around his vehicle and reach into it, presumably for that knife? Why did he act as though the rules don’t apply to him? This is just common sense. I’m not talking about whether it was right or wrong for that officer to shoot Blake 7 times. That’s a conversation I’ll gladly have, but that’s separate from what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about the mentality that you can do whatever you want without consequence. That feels like a manifestation of the Participation Trophy, Safe Space, and Trigger Warning mentality. I don’t know how else to explain how Blake thought he could fight with cops and ignore them without anything happening to him.

There are too many people out there who think the world is the way they want or wish it to be. Instead, the world is the way it is. You have to accept it, you have to adapt to it. The world is not going to adapt or change for you. Society has been around long before you were born, and it’ll be around long after you’re dead.

I’ve argued with people on Twitter about this and they’ll say “Noncompliance doesn’t mean you deserve to get shot 7 times”. Again, I’m not talking about whether it’s right or wrong, I’m talking about the real world, about reality.

People lock their doors at night, or when they leave for the day. We shouldn’t have to, we shouldn’t have to worry about getting robbed. But imagine someone you know doesn’t lock up and comes home to find that they’ve been robbed. You’re either going to think to yourself or say to them “Why didn’t you lock your door?” The robber is 100% to blame but you also bear some responsibility for what happened. You can get robbed even if you lock your door, but the chances are higher if you don’t.

Say you’re walking home at midnight. You’re on well-lit Main Street, but it’ll take you 25 minutes to get home. Or, there’s a shortcut. However, it’s down this dark alleyway. No lights on, it’s pitch black. It’ll only take you 2 minutes to get home that way. If you go down that dark alleyway and get attacked, you bear some responsibility for putting yourself in that situation. The attacker is 100% to blame but you also bear some responsibility for putting yourself in that situation. It’s not fair, you should be able to go down that alleyway without being attacked but common sense tells you that you drastically increase your chances of being attacked if you do. You can still get attacked on well-lit Main Street but the chances are higher if you go down that alley. Your choice affects what happens.

It’s the same thing here. Whether it’s fair or not isn’t the question. Blake’s actions led to his being shot. He went to his girlfriend’s house despite knowing he shouldn’t be there. He fought with officers and resisted arrest. He ignored warnings and walked around his vehicle to do something, which an officer is likely to assume was grab a weapon. He did that, no one else. You want to blame the officer? Go ahead, but save some of that blame for Blake himself. It’s about personal responsibility. No sane, rational adult should be surprised that he got shot.

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