Video Game News- August 27th

By: Frank Hyden

-Fall Guys is the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all-time globally. It’s smart for indie devs to put their games on Plus or Games with Gold, as it gets your game into a lot more hands. This is especially true for games with microtransactions. It’s like going Free to Play.

-Speaking of PlayStation Plus, the September games are PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Street Fighter V. They haven’t announced the Xbox Games With Gold September games yet. PUBG and SFV are decent games for those who don’t already own them. Nothing too fantastic but not every month can be great.

-Activision has confirmed that the Standard Edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be priced at $69.99. This continues the trend of next-gen games being more expensive than current-gen games. The costs to make games keeps going up so I get the desire to pass that cost on to the consumer, but there’s also the microtransaction issue. Games that include and make a bunch of money from MTX shouldn’t be raising the prices. And certainly not so if the damn game comes out every year. A new Call of Duty comes out every year and the only real difference between each one is the story. The multiplayer rarely makes any innovations. It might be fun but it’s pretty much the same thing every year. NBA 2K21 is another game that will see a higher price for the next-gen version. Again, same thing, the game comes out every year, is full of MTX, and doesn’t change all that much year to year. Companies are trying to make money but I could easily see this backfiring on them and leading to lower game sales.

-Gamescom 2020 will have an opening keynote today at 2pm EST. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of games shown but it’s hard to say how big this will actually be. Of course, Geoff Keighley is doing his usual overhyping of everything like he always does. There’s a lot of big names on that list but I would be very cautious about getting too excited.

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