The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from RAW 08/31/2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- Keith Lee beats Dolph Ziggler

This was one of the matches to determine who would be in the triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for Clash of Champions. Ziggler got some offense in but this was about Lee showing his power some more. He finished Ziggler with a big Spirit Bomb.

GOOD/BAD- Mickie James beats Lana, and Asuka wants a challenge

Asuka wanted to know who her next title defense is, so Mickie James came out and challenged. Natalya and Lana then came out and after some yelling, attacked them both. This led to a match between Mickie and Lana. It was kind of short and not much to it, but Mickie. Nothing officially announced with regards to Asuka, though, so I guess we’ll have to wait on that.

GOOD- Randy Orton beats Kevin Owens

Orton also advanced to the triple threat match later with this win. Aleister Black attacked KO before the bell and hit him with Black Mass but Owens refused to give up. Orton gave him the RKO seconds later, though, to get the quick win. This was a good way to advance Orton while also furthering the feud between Black and Owens.

GOOD- Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders beat The Hurt Business

Cedric rolled up MVP after some decent action. He stopped Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin from attacking Cedric but they beat him down backstage later. This was okay, just furthering the story with Alexander and MVP.

BAD- The Riott Squad beats The Iconics, Iconics must disband

The match itself was just there to serve a purpose, which was the incredibly stupid decision to break up The Iconics. WWE has always been really bad about wanting to break up teams, I’ve never understood that. In this case specifically, you can have them do their own thing if you’re hellbent on that, but why break them up? I’ve heard people say that Vince McMahon is really high on Peyton Royce. Ok, that’s cool, but you can just have a segment where Royce and Billie Kay talk about it and say that they want to test themselves individually. Part of the appeal of The Iconics is the interplay and chemistry between Royce and Kay. It gives them someone to play off of.

If the idea was to make this breakup a draw, it fails because it was incredibly rushed and anti-climatic. The Riott Squad just got back together, no one thought for a second that they were breaking up. Also, it’s ironic that The Riott Squad was the other team here because they just got back together after a forced break-up that didn’t go to plan. Obviously no one has learned their lesson…

GOOD- Seth Rollins beats Dominik Mysterio

Rollins advanced to the triple threat match later. The match was good, Dominik continues to impress, but everyone knew Seth was going to win. Nothing wrong with that, they gave Dominik a little bit of hope before Rollins hit The Stomp to win. He hit him with another one and they kept showing Rey’s wife and daughter backstage looking concerned. It really seemed like they were going to do some kind of angle where Rollins lays out Rey and Dominik then menaces Rey’s wife and daughter. They lingered on shots of them backstage but then, nothing happened. That was odd.

GOOD/BAD- The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

This was a Tornado Tag Match so all 4 in the ring at once. There was some solid action before Retribution came out and attacked. Garza ran away with Demi Burnett and left the others to get beat down. Still no furthering of the Retribution storyline, just some more beatdowns.

GOOD- RAW Underground stuff

Titus O’Neil looked good as he beat up some jobbers, then Riddick Moss attacked and they had a fight that Moss won. Jessamyn Duke beat a jobber, as Marina Shafir. Peyton Royce then rolled Billie Kay in there to get beat by Duke and Shafir. What was the point of that? Apollo Crews then lost to Shelton Benjamin as The Hurt Business attacked Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander to once again have The Hurt Business look super strong in RAW Underground after looking a little weak on regular RAW.

GOOD- Randy Orton beats Seth Rollins and Keith Lee

Orton will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE World Title at Clash of Champions with this win. There was a really funny part where Orton bailed out of the ring just after the bell sounded, with Rollins complaining that Orton said he and Seth would team up to take out Keith Lee. Orton says with his hands up “You got this, man, I already worked tonight.” The delivery was really good and it played off how Orton didn’t really have a match with a battered Kevin Owens earlier. I don’t know, I just found that hilarious.

The match itself saw both Orton and Rollins selling like crazy for Lee, who continues to get a monster push and look super strong. I like this as Lee is very unique and adds a new dimension to RAW. The finish was Lee hits Rollins with the Spirit Bomb, then Orton sneaks in and hits Lee with a RKO. He then jumps over Lee to pin Rollins, which shows the doubt Orton had in 1 RKO being enough to finish Lee. I hope they have Lee bring this up or at least one of the announcers. Sometimes WWE will do little things like this but not have anyone mention it again. This was a good way to finish an up and down episode of RAW.

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