Video Game News Roundup- September 1st

By: Frank Hyden

-Wow, Madden 21 looks like a real shitshow. Youtuber RyanMoody21 did a video review where he called it the worst edition ever. I like Ryan, even though some people say he’s too negative. I think he’s so negative because the game just isn’t very good, and it’s gotten worse every year. That’s not how things should be, games should improve over time. The gameplay has been an issue for a long time. They need to just put in a full physics engine instead of relying on animations so much.

But what’s also very troubling is the huge number of new errors that have popped up. The field not rendering properly, with no yard lines. Grammatical errors, wrong names being used, wrong logos for teams, etc. Don’t just take Ryan’s word for it, a quick scan of the Madden reddit shows post after post of people showing these types of errors and more. The trade logic is horrible as well, and then the gameplay is just laughably bad. #NFLdropEA was trending on Twitter yesterday. That doesn’t mean much, of course, but that’s not a good thing. Even the mainstream reviewers aren’t digging the game. The metacritic for the PS4 version is 62, Xbox One version is 69, and the PC version needs more reviews but would be sitting at about 56 if it counted. Yikes.

Axis Football 2020 and Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 haven’t released yet but I think I’d rather get one or both of them over Madden 21. Madden isn’t as bad as it looks but the stagnation is ridiculous. They don’t have things that were in NFL2K5. That’s crazy. I don’t know how to explain it, this year’s edition is probably worse because of the lockdown but still, how do you explain the lack of quality changes to Franchise more and the gameplay? It’s sad to see this, knowing that the NFL basically killed this game when they started doing the whole exclusive rights deal with EA. This is what happens with no competition.

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