Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct Recap

By: Frank Hyden

There was a Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct today that had some big announcements. Here we go.

Super Mario 3D World is coming to Nintendo Switch in February. It also includes something called Bowser’s Fury, which I imagine is a story expansion taking place in that game.

Super Mario 3D Allstars is coming September 18th on Nintendo Switch. It includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. So 3 great games in one package. The tweet does mention that it’ll only be on sale until the end of March 2021 so I guess they’ll separate the games and sell them individually after that.

Caution- there’s a large amount of people complaining about no Super Mario Galaxy 2, or that the games aren’t upgraded visually, etc. Some are saying it’s a lazy port, which I don’t agree with at all. I also don’t get why these people don’t understand that if you don’t want something, don’t buy it. Nobody’s forcing you to buy this.

Personally, I think it’s exciting to have Sunshine included in this because it’s not available anywhere but the GameCube. Yeah, Super Mario 64 has been ported numerous places but it’s still one of the most legendary games of all-time. And Super Mario Galaxy is a great game as well. I think this is great. Yeah, they could have included Galaxy 2 but you’re still getting 3 great games.

-There’s a game called Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit coming. Doesn’t look like my kind of game but I bet kids will love it.

-Then they did a 5 minute retrospective on the Mario games over the years. Cool but safe to skip.

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