The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 09/02/2020

By: Frank Hyden

BAD/GOOD- Santana and Ortiz beat Best Friends

The action was fast and furious, which is good, but there was no selling going on here. That’s become the norm in today’s wrestling but it was really bad here. At one point, Chuck Taylor was thrown onto a pile of chairs that he had taken a long time to set up and basically sold it for 2 seconds. To be fair, he was out of the match for a while but taking a bump like that should eliminate you from the match period and put you on the shelf for a few weeks at least. I don’t like that guys have to go further and further to try to get the same reactions. Again, these could be quality workers and the action was good but you got to have more selling in there.

GOOD/BAD- The Young Bucks and Jurassic Express beat SCU and Private Party

This was much like the previous match, except without a lot of the weapons and extreme spots. The action was fast and frenetic but again, there wasn’t a lot of selling going on. There was never a dull moment, which is a good thing, but you’d really like to see psychology here, especially since The Bucks and Jurassic Express wrestle this weekend at All Out.

GOOD- Kenny Omega promo with FTR

This was more setup to the incoming implosion of Omega and Adam “Hangman” Page. They talk about Hangman being in his own head and not on the same page with Omega. This was fine.

GOOD- Chris Jericho squashes Joey Janela

Jericho beat Janela in a match as Orange Cassidy watched at ringside. The match was really short but it was just to serve to have OC and Jericho interact before their rubber match at All Out.

GOOD- Thunder Rosa beat Serena Deeb

They went back and forth in this match, Deeb was given a lot more than I thought she would, considering the way AEW has been hyping Rosa up. Rosa finally beat her with the Thunder Driver in the best match of the night. Rosa faces AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida at All Out in what will hopefully be given enough time to be a great match.

GOOD- Britt Baker vs. Big Swole hype

Not a whole lot to this, but I like Baker so I liked this. She and Reba beat down Swole before their match at All Out.

BAD/GOOD- Jon Moxley beats Mark Sterling, MJF beats down Moxley

This “match” was just shit, serving no purpose other than having Wardlow attack Mox from behind after he won, allowing MJF to come out and bloody Mox up and stand over him with the belt. I couldn’t care less about MJF’s lawyer, why should I give a crap about that guy? So the match drug on for way too long and only got good with the postmatch beatdown.

This brings up another thing about the way wrestlers talk that I really don’t like. Before this match, Moxley got on his knees and prayed for forgiveness for what he was about to do. And what was he about to? Have a normal match. Drew McIntyre talked for a few weeks about how he was going to Claymore Randy Orton’s head clean off his shoulders and he was going to destroy him for what he did to Ric Flair. So, what happened? He beat Orton with a backslide and then celebrated. He should celebrate because he successfully defended his title, but all the hyperbole beforehand rang so incredibly hollow that it’s lost all effectiveness.

It’s just ridiculous when guys talk about how they’re going to destroy their opponent or give them the worst ass-kicking anyone’s ever seen. Hell, Moxley even said during the show that it’s about whether MJF is willing to kill or be killed. What are you talking about? Odds are they’re going to have a normal match at All Out. The buildup would suggest that both are going to bleed buckets in a 30-40 minute war of attrition with lots of big bumps and end with neither man able to stand. What are the odds that happens? Probably close to zero. I would love to be wrong, but it seems all companies do this stuff. Hell, there’s a bunch of guys in MMA who talk all kinds of shit about their opponents beforehand then are all hugs and kisses after the fight.

You shouldn’t say things you don’t mean in the buildup to a match or fight. The audience catches on to that real quick. This is the verbal version of guys not selling during a match. I mean, what’s next? MJF should absolutely win the AEW Championship at All Out but I got a feeling that Mox is going to retain in some bullshit finish. But let’s say MJF does win. Is Mox going to bring a gun to Dynamite next time and threaten to shoot him?

It’s just ridiculous to hear guys talk about kill or be killed, or “I’m going to knock your head off!”, or “I’m going to end your career!” and then they have a normal match. It’s hard to get excited for a good promo hyping a match when you know that what the guy is saying is crap.

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