The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW All Out 2020

By: Frank Hyden

AEW had a disappointing show last night for a few reasons, let’s get into them.

GOOD/BAD- Joey Janela beats Serpentico

This match was solid but neither guy is ever presented as anything other than a jobber. There was some nice action in the match, though.

GOOD/BAD- Private Party beats The Dark Order

Again, another solid match, but this one gets dinged for being too sloppy at points. There would be some really good action because of who was involved but then things would get too sloppy and bog down again.

BAD- Big Swole beats Dr. Britt Baker

This just had too many stupid cartoony parts. At one point, Big Swole injected Baker’s leg with novocaine. Then later, she shoved Britt into the dentist chair and used the gas to put her to sleep and get the win. This was just kind of lame. Moving on…

GOOD- The Young Bucks beat Jurassic Express

This had some really good action, as would be expected, and was fast-paced. I still think The Bucks use way too many superkicks but I’d rather watch this kind of match than one that’s too slow.

GOOD- Lance Archer wins the Casino Battle Royal

This was a pretty fun battle royal. Matt Sydal was the surprise entrant but he botched his shooting star press and nearly hurt himself worse than he did, as he landed on his back and head hard. There was some good battle royal action and it came down to Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer. Kingston got distracted by Jake Roberts and his snake, which allowed Archer to get the win.

BAD/UGLY- Matt Hardy beats Sammy Guevara

Hardy took a nasty fall from a lift and smashed his head on the concrete. He was hurt and the match was stopped. However, the match was restarted a few moments later and Hardy knocked Guevara off some scaffolding to get the win by 10 count. That fall overshadowed everything, it was pretty bad. Matt is apparently okay but that was an UGLY impact.

GOOD- Hikaru Shida beats Thunder Rosa to retain her AEW Women’s Championship

I thought this was a really good match, the best of the night so far. They battled back and forth and were going all out, no pun intended. They traded moves and near falls until Shida put Rosa away with the running knee to retain her title.

GOOD- Scorpio Sky, Matt Cordova, and The Natural Nightmares beat The Dark Order

This was a solid match. Nothing great, but with 8 men in the match there was constant action, for good and bad. Brodie Lee set up Colt Cabana to get the pin but he missed a moonsault and got rolled up.

GOOD- FTR beats Kenny Omega and Adam “Hangman” Page to win the AEW Tag Team Championships

Everyone knew this was going to happen, but it was still good to see FTR win the belts. They teased more dissension between Omega and Page and Omega did leave the ring after the loss without helping Page up. Omega and The Young Bucks left and I keep seeing people saying Omega is going to turn heel and use his “Cleaner” gimmick. I don’t know enough about all that to really comment but hopefully that’s good. Back to the match, FTR was their usual quality workers and Omega and Page provided some exciting moments of their own. This was the best match on the card, though I still really like Shida-Rosa from earlier. I hope FTR has a really long tag title reign and elevates the belts.

GOOD- Orange Cassidy beats Chris Jericho

I like these guys but I think the match stipulation with the vat of mimosa took away from things. I think a traditional match would have been better and more dramatic. It wasn’t a BAD match or anything, it just wasn’t as GOOD as it could have been. Cassidy winning was the obvious right choice but they did a pretty good job teasing Jericho winning before Orange pulled it out.

GOOD/BAD- Jon Moxley beats MJF to retain the AEW Championship

The match was pretty good. It wasn’t as fast-paced as others but it told a really good story. The ending was such bullshit, though. Why the hell would AEW have Moxley retain? They sacrificed MJF’s momentum and his “undefeated” streak for that? What the hell? It doesn’t even make sense from a storyline perspective. Say the plan is for Cleaner Kenny Omega to beat Moxley for the belt, or any other wrestler in AEW to beat Mox, why would you have MJF in this match to begin with?

Ok, so say the plan is to have MJF win down the road, in the rematch I guess. You’ve still stalled his momentum, put a loss on his record so he can’t claim to have never been pinned, and you’ve done this why? How does this help MJF get over? Yeah, he can whine and complain that he got screwed but he cheated first. That’s all Moxley has to say to counter it, MJF cheated first. This is WWE shit. This is the worst of the way WWE books. You have a cocky and arrogant heel and you take away his ability to be cocky and arrogant and replace it with him being a whiny little bitch. Hey, that’s great.

This is SummerSlam 2003 all over again. You have the Elimination Chamber match where you give Goldberg this monster push, having him eliminate almost everyone. And you have the champ Triple H cowering and treating Goldberg like he’s unstoppable. Goldberg has all the momentum, the crowd is behind him. He’s also had some badass moments in the match already. The time is right. So what happens? Triple H beats him with some bullshit and the air is sucked out. Goldberg went on to beat Triple H a bit down the road but by that time, the damage was done. It’s the same thing here.

Hell, you don’t even have to go that far back. Shayna Baszler was given a monster push, leading to her challenging Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Title at Wrestlemania this year. Lynch beat her and the air came right out of any momentum Shayna had.

Part of the appeal of AEW is that they’re supposed to do things differently, and they have in a lot of ways. Cody was built up as TNT Champion, then got his ass kicked by Brodie Lee. Not in the rematch, in the first match they had. Lee absolutely destroyed Cody. So when Cody comes back and challenges Brodie for the title, that will get more attention and draw more money than if he had beaten Lee the first time. And Brodie Lee didn’t even have any momentum before beating Cody, certainly not anywhere close to what MJF had. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that Brodie lost to Moxley himself.

AEW has sacrificed too many guys to Moxley already. Remember how they spent all that time building up Brian Cage? Then had him get his ass kicked by Mox? Now he’s a mid-carder. Remember how Jake Hager was given his first loss to Moxley? That really worked out well there. What the hell is AEW thinking? I’ll admit, I am salty about this because Moxley bugs me with his promo style.

As I’ve mentioned before, he makes the exact same mistake John Cena used to make. He tries to combine The Rock’s promo style with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s promo style. That doesn’t work. You’re either the smart ass with one-liners or you’re the badass, you can’t be both. No one is going to take you seriously as a badass if you’re zinging guys with jokes. And if you are throwing out one-liners, they better be good. For both Mox and Cena, they weren’t. Moxley comes off the same way Cena always did, like a lame tryhard. I do kind of like Moxley, but this is the guy AEW is sacrificing so many wrestlers for? I don’t get it.

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