The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 09/09/2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- Jurassic Express beats Lucha Bros.

This match was pretty good. They did some good high-flying action before Jungle Boy got the win for his team. After the match, Penta and Fenix argued until Eddie Kingston got on the mic and said “Shake his hand!” about 100 times, getting progressively more annoying each time with that thick New York accent of his.

GOOD- Orange Cassidy beat Angelico

Matt Hardy cut a quick promo before this match, thanking the fans for their concern and telling us he’ll make a full recovery and make a title run. As for the match, Angelico did pretty good and Cassidy was almost all business as he used his athleticism to get the win after a big Orange Punch. After the win, Santana and Ortiz attacked Cassidy until Trent and Chuck Taylor made the save, challenging Santana and Ortiz to a parking lot fight next week on Dynamite.

GOOD/BAD- Miro debuts

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford came out to announce the best man for their wedding. They did some bullshit “comedy” that dragged on far too long as the first two times he went to introduce the best man, someone else came out. This is where the BAD comes from. Finally, though, Miro made his AEW debut. Miro’s promo was a little rough but it was also impassioned, which I liked. He talked about kicking ass and then did the Chong Li celebration- Chongli Bloodsport GIF from Chongli GIFs

GOOD- Chris Jericho and Jake Hager beats Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela

I was really surprised at the amount of offense Kiss and Janela got in this match. Though to be accurate, it was Kiss getting pretty much all the offense. Which is the way to do it because Kiss stands out more than Janela. Not that I agree with giving them this much offense, specifically Hager selling like he did for them, but he got the pin and Jericho said he and Hager are going for the tag titles.

BAD/GOOD- Jon Moxley promo and FTR celebration

I’m really starting to hate this Moxley title run. He very easily should have lost the belt to Jake Hager months ago in that empty arena match. He definitely should have lost it to Brian Cage, when they spent weeks building up Cage, who’s now barely on the mid-card. And there’s no way in hell he should have beat MJF at All Out. And now they’re going to sacrifice Lance Archer to him. And hell, they already had Mox beat Brodie Lee (a decision I agree with by the way, as I wouldn’t want Brodie with the AEW Title) and Lee’s in the midst of a monster push and pretty much never loses. They already had given Archer a monster push months ago, but had him lose to Cody and then disappear from TV only to make his return and beat up some no-namers, jobbers, and barely mid-card guys. So I’m guessing we’ll see Archer start destroying everybody again so they can build him back up so Mox can beat him and the announcers can marvel about how tough Mox is and all that junk.

I will say that Mox’s matches have generally been very good and I expect this one to be very good as well, but talk about misreading the room. I can’t believe that AEW has cut the balls off of some many guys just to try to make Mox look like a badass. Add one more name to the list of guys who have been sacrificed at the altar of Mox.

In the ring, FTR had a little celebration where they insulted the rest of the tag division and said they’ll face Jurassic Express in a non-title match next week. I like FTR and they have a really strong tag division to have matches with. The difference between FTR and Moxley is that FTR’s promos are better and their matches are slightly better. Again, not to say Mox has bad matches or anything, but FTR’s matches are among the best on the card if they’re given time.

BAD/GOOD- Nyla Rose squashes Tay Conti

They wanted to give Rose a strong win, no problem there. Conti was also making her official AEW Dynamite debut. So I’m fine with the squash, though I will say that Conti locked in a good-looking armbar and they teased an upset submission for a second. The BAD comes from Vickie Guerrero still doing the tired-ass “Excuse me!” shtick. That’s a relic of a bygone era. It is also extremely annoying and will make people change the channel. Casual type fans who might be channel surfing through and come across Dynamite will change the damn channel when she starts screeching like that. Yeah, she gets heat but it’s go-away heat. No one wants to hear someone yelling and screeching like that. It’s ridiculous that AEW would allow her to do that, or perhaps even encourage it.

GOOD- Brodie Lee beats Dustin Rhodes to defend his TNT Championship

Dustin really pulled out all the stops here, hitting Lee with several big moves that are surprising coming from a man his size and especially a man his age. Lee put Rhodes away with a couple big boots and a discus lariat. This was a pretty good match, I liked the physicality. The show ended with a tease that Cody had an announcement, but it was just for this reality competition show he’s judging on. The show looked okay but it’s not really my thing.

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