NFL Roundup- Week 1, Sunday

By: Frank Hyden

The first Sunday of the NFL season was yesterday and there were lots of disappointing performances and a few really good ones.

-The Detroit Lions gagged away an 18 point lead in the 4th quarter and lost to the Chicago Bears. D’Andre Swift had an absolutely brutal drop of a game-winning touchdown in the end zone on the second to last play of the game. It was an inexcusable drop that will do one of two things. It’ll either crush him (unlikely but always a possibility) or he’ll use this as fuel to get better. I don’t know how good he’ll actually be in the league, he has physical talent but that’s only one aspect of things, and this might define him unless he gets traded or the Lions make the playoffs. However, some of this also depends on how the rest of this season goes for Detroit. If they miss the playoffs by a game or two, there’ll be a What If? scenario. Anyway, I’ll move on because I’m still salty about losing money on this game lol.

-The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20. Gardner Minshew had a fantastic game, going 19-20 with 3 TDs. Phillip Rivers had a Phillip Rivers game, throwing 1 TD but also 2 INTs. The Colts also lost Marlon Mack to a season-ending Achilles injury. I think it’s still only “potentially” at this point but he has an Achilles injury so he’s going to miss significant time. That sucks.

-The New Orleans Saints beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-23. Neither QB played particularly well, Brees had 2 TDs but only 160 yards and Brady had 2 TDS but also 2 INTs, one being a really bad Pick-6 to Janoris Jenkins. Sometimes Brady looked really good, other times he made some really bad throws. It’s so early and he has no real chemistry with his receivers. He’ll pick it up and play better, I’m sure.

-The Philadelphia Eagles had an inexplicable loss to the Washington Football Team 27-17. They led 17-0 at one point, then gave up 27 straight points. You just have to hang your head in shame after that and try to rebound next week.

-The Dallas Cowboys had a bad loss to the Los Angeles Rams 20-17. It’s a bad loss because they’re the better team. They just did their usual disappearing act, so I guess I shouldn’t say they’re the better team, but they were playing the Rams, another talented team who always seem to underachieve. So two underachieving teams battling it out to see who can be the most disappointing. If Dak Prescott wants that big money contract, he needs to start taking games over. I’m sure he’ll get a big contract somewhere, teams are always desperate for a QB, but he’d get even more if he actually threw the ball down the field more often.

-The Baltimore Ravens looked really good as they beat the Cleveland Browns 38-6. Lamar Jackson had 3 TDs. The Browns were able to run but went away from it too early. Not a good sign for Browns fans to get beat this badly, Ravens or not.

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