Clippers Choke, Heat Win Again

By: Frank Hyden

-The Los Angeles Clippers just completed one of the most epic choke jobs in NBA history, losing Game 7 to the Denver Nuggets 104-89 after being up 3-1 in the series. This is up there, though not as high obviously, as the Golden State Warriors gagging away a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers. You could argue that this is worse, but I imagine most wouldn’t agree.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the world and he played 43 minutes but only finished with 14 points. “Playoff P” Paul George had 10 points in 38 minutes. Who led the Clippers last night? Montrezl Harrell with 20 points in just 26 minutes. The Nuggets Big 2 had a great night. Nikola Jokic had 16 points and 22 rebounds and 13 assists for a Game 7 triple double and Jamal Murray had 40 points. Both guys came up big for their team. What a series and now the Nuggets will face the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals starting Friday.

-The Eastern Conference Finals started last night, with the Miami Heat beating the Boston Celtics in overtime 117-114 to take a 1-0 lead. Goran Dragic had 29 points, Jae Crowder had 22, and Jimmy Butler had 20 for the Heat. Jayson Tatum had 30 points and Marcus Smart had 26 for the Celtics. Bam Adebayo made an incredible block with seconds to go in overtime on Tatum. Here’s the NBA Twitter account posting about it. That’s amazing, how Adebayo’s wrist goes back so far before the ball gets dislodged. I mean, the ball is almost in the hoop. Great play.

-In other NBA news, Mike D’Antoni will not return as the head coach of the Houston Rockets. That’s pretty big as it means the Rockets will revamp the team and go another direction. I can’t imagine whichever coach comes in will keep things the same. Maybe the scheme but the players change? Or the players stay the same but the scheme changes? Either way, big changes coming in Houston.

-No news here, this is just hilarious. Robbie Anderson had a quick conversation with DJ Moore and Curtis Samuels on the Carolina Panthers bench about the Panthers mascot, Sir Purr.

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