The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Smackdown 09/18/2020

By: Frank Hyden

This was Smackdown’s penultimate show before Clash of Champions and it had some good and some bad. Let’s get to the rundown.

BAD- Otis attacks The Miz and Morrison

They opened with The Dirt Sheet and Miz talked about how he got Mandy Rose sent to RAW. This brought Otis out, who tried to act all fired up, I guess. It was so cartoonish and over the top, he was stomping his feet and shaking his belly, that you couldn’t take it seriously. It was ridiculous and absurd. If that’s the best he can do, then don’t ever put him in that situation again. You can’t make any money off a guy acting like this. If you want him to act goofy and fun-time and all that, fine. You can make some money on that. Hulk Hogan was always blasted for acting too goofy and kiddie, but he looked like Tom Hanks compared to this. Later in the show it was revealed that Miz and Morrison are suing Otis for his Money in the Bank contract.

GOOD- Cesaro beats Gran Metalik

Kalisto and Lince Dorado argued at ringside before getting sent to the back by the ref. The match was fairly good, I like these guys, but it wasn’t very long and it was just to further the division between Lucha House Party. At least the didn’t have one half of the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions lose.

GOOD- Nikki Cross on A Moment of Bliss, beats Lacey Evans

Everything was fine between the friends, no lingering resentment for what happened last week in the Fatal 4-Way. Nikki cut a promo about how she was going to beat Bayley because Sasha wasn’t there to help Bayley. Lacey Evans then came out and ran them both down. Lacey has a match with Nikki next and there’s some verbal back and forth and we get a commercial break and when we come back, we get the match. The match was pretty good. Lacey hit most of her spots before Nikki fired up (in a way that looked good, not goofy as hell) and pinned her. Alexa Bliss was on commentary the whole time and did a nice job. After the match, Lacey mentioned The Fiend to Alexa as she was crawling around and that made Alexa go into her trance state and give her the Sister Abigail.

UGLY- Lacey squirts hand sanitizer on Nikki, no DQ

There was one really stupid part that makes no sense during this match. Lacey squirted hand sanitizer on Nikki’s face and tried to get it in her eyes. Right in front of the ref, who did nothing. Michael Cole even started shouting about it, asking how that wasn’t a disqualification. This was really really dumb and somebody messed up bigtime.

GOOD- Sasha Banks promo, Bayley attacks her from behind

Sasha cried as she talked about how she and Bayley talked about taking over the whole company. She did a good job with her acting before WWE Women’s Champion Bayley hit her from behind. She didn’t really hit her much and they never mentioned how long Sasha would be out but hopefully it’s for a while to sell her injuries and because this feud deserves a big stage. We know they’ll be able to deliver a great match, so build to it slowly and really get the anticipation going.

GOOD- AJ Styles beats Sami Zayn

This match was pretty good, it wasn’t nearly as good as they could have, given more time, but this was good. Sami tried to use the tights to get the pin but the ref saw. AJ then used the tights but the ref didn’t see and got the pin. WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy then came out and attacked both men, challenging them to a triple threat ladder match at Clash of Champions. That should be a hell of a match and possibly the best match of the night.

GOOD/BAD- Roman Reigns and Jey Uso beat King Corbin and Sheamus in a Samoan Street Fight

This was billed as a Samoan Street Fight but other than Sheamus and Corbin powerbombing Jey through a table, it was a normal match. Also, the announcers somehow didn’t even know the rules until the end of the match, which makes them look dumb. Plus, the match didn’t start until about 10 minutes left in the show, I think. It was just there to further the tension between Roman and Jey. The finish saw Roman hit a spear and then Jey came flying in with a top rope splash, Roman narrowly got out of the way. That was well-done, Roman facials were good there. After the win, Roman and Jey hugged for a really long time and Roman had this cheesy smile on his face. It went for so long that I figured Roman was going to whoop his ass right there but he didn’t. He did give Jey a look of complete disgust and contempt when Jey turned around, though. Again, well-done. This was a good way to end the show.

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