Supergirl Ending and WandaVision Trailer

By: Frank Hyden

-Supergirl will end after the upcoming 6th season. The show has definitely had its issues but I think they’ve worked through them. The show started off having some SJW woke nonsense, where you’d just roll your eyes and move on, but then it got really bad when they introduced Mon-El. I was surprised they never had Kara/Supergirl say something about mansplaining or toxic masculinity. Maybe they did and I blocked it out. Then of course they had to have some “black people are targeted” stuff with James being arrested instead of the goons he was chasing after. They also had some trans-hater stuff and various other assorted woke topics. Those last two weren’t that bad but when they had already beaten you over the head with the Mon-El crap it just got too tedious. The best episodes of Supergirl were the early ones. That seems to be true for most shows but what’s also true is that some later episodes of series can also be really good. Some of the more recent episodes of Supergirl have been fairly good. Not great, but good enough to be entertaining. I just hope they wrap the series up in a good way. Given this much time to plan ahead, that should be a given so I’ll remain optimistic.

The first trailer for WandaVision was released the other day. It looked somewhat interesting but it’s hard to say just from a trailer. I’ll watch it and it has the potential to be a really good show but I’m only cautiously optimistic on this one. I do believe it’ll deliver but I don’t want to get my hopes up, only for them to be dashed.

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