The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE Smackdown 09/25/2020

By: Frank Hyden

This was the go home show for Clash of Champions and it had some good segments. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Sami Zayn beats Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles

The match wasn’t very long, serving as more of a preview of things Sunday, but it was good enough to get you excited for their ladder match. They teased using the ladders around the ring but didn’t actually use them. Styles hit Hardy with the Phenomenal Forearm then Zayn threw Styles out of the ring and covered Hardy himself to get the win. The only thing that could stop their match Sunday from being great is a lack of time. Before the match, when they were all arguing, Styles hilariously said that Zayn took the summer off to grow that neckbeard. I love the delivery Styles has on the mic.

GOOD- Bayley promo

Bayley came out and talked about Sasha Banks briefly before moving on to Nikki Cross. She said she would beat Cross and hurt her with the chair the same way she hurt Banks. This was short and effective.

GOOD- Shinsuke Nakamura beats Gran Metalik

This wasn’t a very long match either, even shorter than the triple threat match earlier, but what we got was pretty good. It was more of a tease of what could be but again, it was good enough. Nakamura won with the Kinshasa running knee. Cesaro attacked Lince Dorado after the match but Kalisto stayed out of the ring until Nakamura and Cesaro left. Dorado shoved Kalisto down so I imagine he outright turns on them Sunday.

GOOD- King Corbin beats Matt Riddle

This match was given time so I liked it pretty well. This was a good back-and-forth match that ended with a surprise as Corbin got the clean win after putting his knees up as Riddle was going for the Floating Bro. He then hit Riddle with the End of Days and beat him. Nice. I actually like Riddle more but it’s good to see Corbin getting the win instead of losing all the time.

GOOD/GREAT- Lacey Evans beats Alexa Bliss by DQ, Bliss staredown to Roman Reigns

Evans and Bliss had a pretty good match. They did some weird stuff with The Fiend. Like, at first, his laugh played for a few seconds, which distracted Bliss and allowed Evans to get the advantage. Then, his intro played for a few seconds, causing Bliss to snap and viciously attack Evans, stomping on her head and back until the ref disqualified her. That was cool, Bliss did a good job. The best part came as Bliss was walking back up the ramp towards the back. Roman Reigns’ music hit and he came out with Paul Heyman. After Bliss passed them, she stopped and turned and gave Reigns the death glare. They did a really cool camera angle, like a 3/4’s angle where you could see Roman in the foreground with Heyman kind of in the middleground, and Bliss in the back just glaring a hole through Reigns. That teases The Fiend coming back for the WWE Universal Title, which I’m sure Fiend fans will like, but we all know that the overwhelming odds are that Reigns is keeping the belt through at least Wrestlemania. Speaking of…

GREAT- Roman Reigns and Jey Uso promo

Reigns talked about how he would give Jey the belt if he could but that he wouldn’t know what to do with it if he did win. He said that Jey is one half of the greatest tag team of their generation and that their family is proud of him but he’s always depended on his brother. This was good quality stuff but it really ramped up as Roman left the ring and was about halfway to the back. Jey picked up the mic and said “What if you’re wrong?” He then gave an impassioned and intense promo about how he’s sick of being in Roman’s shadow and how the first thing people say when they see him is “That’s Roman Reigns!” but when they see him the first thing they say is “Which one are you?” He said he’s going to win and then people will know him as the man who beat Roman Reigns. As Jey walked to the back Roman came charging in and gave him the Superman Punch. He then yelled at Jey that the whole family depends on him being the champion to provide for them and was incredulous that Jey would try to take that from them. He said that Jey will take the paycheck that comes from fighting for the title, and the ass-kicking that comes with it, but that he’ll never take the title from him.

That was excellent. The intensity and seriousness from Jey was fantastic and it brought out something equally as good from Roman. This was a great way to close the show and build hype for Clash of Champions.

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