Lakers Close Out Nuggets, Head To NBA Finals

By: Frank Hyden

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets 117-107 last night to to win the series 4-1 and advance to the NBA Finals. The Lakers were led by LeBron James with 38 points and 16 rebounds and 10 assists for his 27th playoff triple double. Anthony Davis also had 27 points. The Nuggets were led by Jerami Grant with 20 points and 9 rebounds and Nikola Jokic with 20 points as well.

The Lakers will face either the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics in the Finals. LeBron vs. the Heat would be an interesting storyline but Lakers vs. Celtics is a throwback to the 80’s. Either way, it should be a great Finals. The Heat and Celtics play Game 6 today at 7:30PM EST so we might find out who it is tonight. I would lean more towards the Heat winning because they’ve been playing better more consistently but I wouldn’t count out Boston. If all their guys play well, they could beat anybody.

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