More Pathetic Collapses in College Football

By: Frank Hyden

There were some really bad choke jobs in football yesterday. #3 Oklahoma led by 21 points at one point to unranked Kansas State and managed to lose 38-35. Most of K-State’s points came from big plays from blown assignments by Oklahoma players. Quite frankly, it was pathetic and I blame the coaches as much as I blame the players. The Oklahoma defense was out of position several times and gave up huge plays.

Another game that featured a pathetic collapse was Texas Tech blowing a 15 point lead in the last few minutes to #8 Texas, losing 63-56 in Overtime. This was one of the worst chokes I’ve ever seen. They gave up 2 touchdowns, a 2 point conversion, and failed to field an onside kick. It was ridiculous. It just makes me shake my head. In other Top 25 scores-

#2 Alabama beat Missouri State 38-19 #4 Georgia beat Arkansas 37-10 #5 Florida beat Ole Miss 51-35 Mississippi State beat #6 LSU 44-34 #8 Auburn beat #23 Kentucky 29-13 #10 Texas A&M beat Vanderbilt 17-12 #12 Miami (FL) beat Florida State 52-10 #13 UCF beat East Carolina 51-28 #14 Cincinnati beat #22 Army 24-10 #15 Oklahoma State beat West Virginia 27-13 #16 Tennessee beat South Carolina 31-27 #18 BYU beat Troy 48-7 #19 Louisiana beat Georgia Southern 20-18 #20 Virginia Tech beat NC State 45-24 #21 Pitt beat #24 Louisville 23-20

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