Xbox Series X Hands-On Roundup and PlayStation 5 Hands-On News Coming Next Week

By: Frank Hyden

Note- Japanese YouTubers are going hands-on with the PS5 right now and the embargo on their thoughts and write-ups and videos and such is lifting October 5th, so there will be a lot more information out starting next week. Xbox Series X has already had their embargo lifted so there’s plenty of hands-on articles and videos out now.

Here are some links to various Xbox Series X hands-on articles, videos, etc.

The Verge

IGN Article

IGN Video

C/Net and Gamespot

Here’s a big post on Reddit covering some of the basics for Xbox like the different versions of Game Pass, storage, TV’s to buy, etc.

Here’s a post on Reddit with information about improved load times for older games on Xbox Series X. As you can see, some games have their load times dramatically improved. Other games not quite as much but still an improvement.

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