Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Trailer Thoughts

By: Frank Hyden

The next Call of Duty game, Black Ops Cold War, comes out November 13th. They just released a First Look at Zombies in the game- link here. Some of the big takeaways.

-They’re going the Battlepass route. No surprise, considering they’ve done that before, but this includes Zombies as well.

-Progression goes across Multiplayer and Zombies. It’s one level, so that’s cool. At least, I think so. You don’t have to worry about ranking up both, if you play both.

-Killstreaks. I like stuff that changes up the formula. I personally think it’ll be good, though I could see some not liking it.

-Loadouts. You can spawn in with an AR, SMG, whatever. I could definitely see a lot of the more casual players (including myself) loving this.

-Every weapon can be upgraded over and over to allow for it being a badass Wonder Weapon.

-Upgradeable perks. That’s cool, I like the sound of that.

-There’s no limit to the number of perks you can have. This is good.

-You can exfil to end the match. During the video they talk about how you can choose to end the match and call for extraction. From there, you have to survive a few more waves, turned up to 11, as they said. I could see this being divisive but it could be really cool.

-You can play cross-platform. This is awesome. Anything that enables you to find matches easier (if you choose to go the pub route) is a great thing.

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