The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 09/30/2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- Darby Allin beats Ricky Starks

This was a good solid match. There was a little side stuff with Will Hobbs preventing Brian Cage from interfering as Allin put Starks away.

GOOD- Cody accepts Brodie Lee’s challenge, brawl erupts

Cody came out and accepted Brodie Lee’s challenge for a Dog Collar Match for next week’s Dynamite. Of course, Cody had to build up his answer a bit, which is fine, I can appreciate that. And the match should be really good. Lee and the Dark Order come out and a huge brawl erupts. Brandi Rhodes was involved, Nyla Rose got involved, there was just mass chaos. It went on a little long but overall it was very good. I’m definitely looking forward to that Dog Collar Match next week, I expect a lot of blood and violence and a lot of interference.

GOOD- FTR beats SCU to retain their AEW Tag Team Titles

They really put on a show here. This was the match of the night. They went back and forth and things kept building through a long series of near-falls. Tully Blanchard interfered for the finish and FTR got the pin. This was a really, really good match. I should note that before this match Matt Jackson superkicked Tony Schiavone as he interviewed FTR. Adam Page joined the commentary team, storming off after the match when they announced That Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix and Kenny Omega are the first 3 entrants into an 8-man tournament to crown the #1 contender to the AEW World Title.

GOOD- Chris Jericho beats Isiah Kassidy

This was another good match, showing Kassidy as the youngster fighting and clawing for victory against the heavily favored veteran and almost getting it. I mean, we all knew Jericho would win but they did a good job building up the Kassidy near-falls where you kind of lose yourself and think it might actually happen for a second. In the end, though, Jericho hit the Judas Effect and got the win.

GOOD- Orange Cassidy beats 10

I like Orange Cassidy so I’m a little biased but I thought this match was good. It was short, which is fine as it didn’t need to be super long. The match had plenty of action and both guys were able to show what they can do.

GOOD- Britt Baker beats Red Velvet

Baker looked dominant here, though Velvet was able to get in some nice hope spots. This was essentially a squash, though, as they seek to re-establish Baker as one of the top women in the company. I’m a fan so I like that. Baker hit her Fisherman Neckbreaker for the win.

GOOD- Jon Moxley beats The Butcher to retain his AEW World Title

The Butcher did really well in this match, and he got a ton of offense in. Moxley sold well for him before finishing him off. This wasn’t the greatest of matches but considering the guys involved, it was very good. There’s no real on-screen heat between them and I don’t think they’ve ever worked together so I thought they did a great job here. Mox stared down Eddie Kingston after the win, so Kingston looks poised to feud with Mox next. This is where I’ll bring up again just how stupid and dumb it was to have MJF lose to Mox. MJF has done squat except some vignettes with Chris Jericho that do little to nothing for him. If he had won and become champion, I think he would be mega hot. I hate to sound like I’m shitting on Moxley, as I think he’s done fine, but a MJF heel title run would be fantastic.

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