The Good, The Bad,and The Ugly from WWE Smackdown 10/02/2020

By: Frank Hyden

GOOD- Roman Reigns and Jey Uso promo

Reigns came out first and talked about how Jey needs to acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief. Uso came out and said he would have won if his brother hadn’t thrown in the towel. Reigns said that was the worst night of his life because it broke his heart that Jey wouldn’t acknowledge him. He offered Jey a rematch at Hell in a Cell, but told him the stakes would be the highest in WWE history. I really don’t like that kind of hyperbole because they’ve done career vs. career matches before and the only thing higher than that is your life. But anyway, Jey accepted as Reigns was leaving. Then AJ Styles came out and they went to break after Jey attacked him.

BAD/GOOD- Jey Uso beats AJ Styles

The BAD is for Styles losing to Uso. I get that they want to build Jey up some before his rematch against Reigns but nobody thinks Jey has a chance against Roman, nobody. Nobody watching would ever think Jey will beat Reigns. If WWE really want to build Jey up, have him beat Roman in a match. They would find that idea preposterous and openly scoff at it, which is exactly why it’s wrong to job out Styles to him. This match was actually pretty good. No surprise there, as AJ is a great worker and Jey is good himself. So, the match was good, I just didn’t like seeing Styles used to build up somebody that no one thinks has a chance to win. The interest from the Uso/Reigns storyline comes from the family drama, not the thought of Uso actually beating Reigns. It would be great if they did have Jey win a match but anyone who’s watched Reigns at all in the last several years knows that’s not happening.

BAD/UGLY- Otis squashes John Morrison

Look, I don’t want to shit all over Otis but he’s a mid-card comedy act. Having him squash Morrison, who should be a main-eventer, is absurd. Morrison deserves so much better than this. And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being a mid-card comedy act. It’s a good role for the company, and a valuable one. This is especially true if there’s a live crowd. Mid-card comedy acts are like mascots at a sports game. They’re there to help entertain the crowd. Serious fans may think they’re ridiculous and a waste but they do serve an important purpose. The biggest problem with this is having Otis beat Morrison. They could have achieved the exact same affect if they had Otis beat some Performance Center rookie. Do the fat jiggling no-sell, do The Caterpillar, Vader Bomb, pin, done. Why have Morrison look like a bum?

BAD- Sheamus squashes Shorty G

Man, WWE just cannot decide what to do with Shorty G. They just treat him like shit. Give him a stupid name, have him waffle between face and heel, etc. He’s a really good worker and you treat him like this. Sheamus squashing him does nothing for Sheamus, because Gable has been so mistreated that no one expects him to win. This was just a pointless waste of TV time.

GOOD/BAD- Alexa Bliss on The KO Show

Kevin Owens introduced Bliss and she came down and talked about it feels to be around The Fiend. Owens tried to understand Bliss because he wanted to try to understand Aleister Black. Bliss was great here. Her delivery and facial expressions were really good and it all led to her demanding that Owens “Let him in!” and the lights went out and The Fiend attacked Owens with the mandible claw. Then, after Owens was laid out, The Fiend extended his hand and she reached out and grabbed it. What happened next is where the BAD comes from, through no fault of their own. The cameraman was in the corner with the shot pointing at Bliss and The Fiend. It’s the camera angle they always use when the wrestlers talk directly into the camera. So, as Bliss and The Fiend are holding hands, Alexa turns and looks into the camera, smiling as she does so. For some unfathomably stupid reason, they cut to an angle from the cameraman on the floor looking up at Bliss. Mind you, she’s still looking at the original camera. So the shot is completely screwed up. It was perfect, if they had just left well enough alone. But no, they have to try to do more, and they fucked it all up. They ruined that shot, whoever decided that needs to be relieved of directing duties because that’s unforgivable. It shows that you have no eye for framing a shot. Everything was building to this shot, where she “breaks the 4th wall” and acknowledges the camera, and you screwed it up. I can’t believe someone could be so incompetent. They literally didn’t have to do anything and they still managed to screw it up.

I’m sure this is so frustrating for The Fiend and Bliss because they had built and built towards this, and I’m sure they had in their minds how it’d play out. And it was going so well until some dumbass says, “Go to Camera 2!”. Man, that’s so bad, holy crap.

BAD/GOOD- Matt Riddle, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik beats Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, and King Corbin

The match wasn’t very long but with these workers it was good enough. I didn’t like the finish, though, as Kalisto accidentally kicked Dorado as he was trying to help but Riddle grabbed Cesaro from behind, hit the Bro Derek, and pinned him. Why didn’t the Kalisto messup cost them the match? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Why have Cesaro lose like that, especially because Kalisto and Dorado were arguing and needed to be separated after the match? It’s just needless.

GOOD- Sami Zayn beats Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title

I really don’t like when they have guys who were in a brutal match wrestle so soon afterwards. This is a little different as the ladder match was Sunday and this match is on the Friday after but still, I really wish they would have guys not wrestle for at least a week or two minimum. The worst was when they have a show Sunday and guys are in this rough match and then they wrestle Monday, literally the very next day. I don’t care how much the announcers try to put over how hurt they are, or how many bandages and wraps they have on, it takes away from the supposed brutality of the match when guys are wrestling not even 24 hours later. It diminishes the very real pain and suffering they probably went through. Back to this match, these guys both did a good job here. They gave them a good amount of time and let them work and they put together a good match. Zayn won when he knocked Hardy into the exposed turnbuckle he took off earlier.

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