The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 10/07/2020

By: Frank Hyden

AEW had a big evening planned, with a couple title matches and a celebration of Chris Jericho. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Brian Cage beat Will Hobbs

This was a fan and physical match but it also had some crazy athletic moves in there as well. At one point, Cage does a standing moonsault and lands it beautifully. For a guy that size to be able to do that is nuts. Apollo Crews is listed at 240lbs. Cage is listed at 278lbs. and both guys are freaks. After the loss, Taz told Hobbs to join Team Taz or get his assk kicked. Darby Alin made the save.

GOOD- FTR beat The Hybrid2

There was high-flying action, there was grappling action on the mat, this had a little bit of everything. This was a good match, I wouldn’t put it among the best FTR have ever had, but that’s because I just don’t think they’ve had a chance to build the chemistry needed to take the match to the next level. If you gave these guys a month or so, I think they could have one of the greatest tag matches in recent memory. Best Friends came out after the win and said they’ll face FTR next week. That’s something to look forward to.

GOOD- Cody beat Brodie Lee to win the TNT Championship in a Dog Collar match

This should have been the main event, no question. I know why it wasn’t, because of the Jericho stuff, but all that shows me is that they should have had this match on a different week. This should have been the main event in whatever week it took place. One, it’s a title match. I don’t care what title it is or how big any non-title matches on the card are, title matches should always main event, always. That goes for the FTW Title as well. Two, this was a big grudge match AEW had built up. Three, this was a gimmick match. You get gimmick matches over by having them be the main event. Four, this was a bloody and brutal fight. This should have main-evented next week’s Dynamite.

As for the match itself, it lived up to the billing. Both guys bled and suffered big punishment. Hell, even some of the Dark Order goons at ringside paid the price, as at least one of them bled as well. Arn Anderson even got physically involved, delivering a spinebuster to one of the goons before taking the chain to the stomach. They went back and forth and Lee kept getting back up no matter what Cody did to him. Finally, however, Cody was able to finish him off and win back the TNT Championship. Cody issued a challenge for next week, which Orange Cassidy accepted. That should be a fantastic match, though some of the drama won’t be there as the odds of Cody losing are essentially zero. Still, though, the match should be really good.

GOOD- Big Swole beat Serena Deeb

This was a surprisingly good match. It sucks that so much of it was during the picture-in-picture during a commercial break but they did well here. Swole won after a big elbow.

GOOD- Chris Jericho and Jake Hager beat Dr. Luthor and Serpentico

They had a pretty good match. I was a bit surprised to see Luthor doing some high-flying moves. They did some real solid work in there before Jericho picked up the win for his team. Afterwards, they had the celebration for Jericho. MJF came out and gifted Jericho a huge portrait of MJF, which Jericho smashed over the head of some clown guy before teasing more tension with MJF and then ended the show like the end of Saturday Night Live, credits and all (all attributed to Jericho, of course). It was a fun way to end the night. I still think the Dog Collar match should have main-evented but I won’t harp too much on that. This was another pretty good edition of Dynamite.

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