Bears Beat Bucs, Games Moved

By: Frank Hyden

-The Chicago Bears beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night 20-19. Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass but got sacked 3 times and had a bad mistake, getting the downs mixed up on the final drive and not realizing it was actually 4th down as he threw an incomplete pass. He thought it was 3rd down somehow. The Bucs were having success running the back, Ronald Jones had 106 yards on 17 carries but they threw the ball 41 times. Nick Foles had a touchdown and an interception and got sacked 3 times himself. Jimmy Graham had the catch of the night, making a one-handed catch in the end zone for the touchdown. Khalil Mack had 2 sacks for the Bears and applied constant pressure on Brady. The Bears move to 4-1 with the win while the Bucs drop to 3-2.

-The Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots game has moved to Monday at 5PM EST and the Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans game has moved to Tuesday at 7PM EST. That also means that the scheduled Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs game that was supposed to be on Thursday has been moved to Sunday is what reports are saying. It’s a wild time and it sucks for the Bills, who lose a primetime game against the Chiefs but you have to adapt, I guess.

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