Dak Prescott Hurt, Dan Quinn Fired, NFL Score Roundup

By: Frank Hyden

It was another busy Sunday of NFL football, including a couple upsets. The big news, however, is the gruesome injury to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. I’ll start with that and recap the other games as well.

-The injury to Dak Prescott is extremely serious and saddening. There’s a possibility for serious complications, as the bone broke through the skin of his compound ankle fracture. That introduces the possibility of an infection. Some good news is that Connor Barwin, the former linebacker for the Eagles, Texans, Rams, and Giants suffered a similar injury in 2010 and said he recovered fine. He offered some encouraging words to Dak with a tweet. Here’s a tweet with video of the Dak injury. There’s a lot to work out with Dak, as he’s on the franchise tag so he’s not on a long-term contract, but you would hope that when he’s able to return that Dallas would want to sign him to a contract but we’ll see.

-As for the game, the Cowboys won over the New York Giants as time expired 37-34. Michael Gallup made a couple amazing catches in the final minute to get Dallas down the field and into field goal range. Dallas improved to 2-3 and the Giants fell to 0-5.

After the Atlanta Falcons latest loss dropped them to 0-5, head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff were both fired. You never want to celebrate someone losing their job, but this was a long time coming. After they had an epic choke against the Dallas Cowboys that saw just fundamental coaching errors, they followed that up with another unbelievable collapse against the Chicago Bears the very next week. Losses to the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers sealed the deal, but he should have been gone after the loss to the Cowboys, and certainly after the Bears loss. I don’t know who will coach the Falcons but they’ve got a lot of work to do. Things aren’t pretty in Atlanta.

-The Houston Texans picked up their first win of the season to get to 1-4 as they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-14 to drop them to 1-4. Romeo Crennell became the oldest coach at 73 years old to win a game as head coach of a team.

-The Baltimore Ravens improved to 4-1 as they beat down the Cincinnati Bengals 27-3, who fell to 1-3-1.

-The Carolina Panthers got to 3-2 as they beat the Atlanta Falcons 23-16 and dropped them to 0-5.

-The Las Vegas Raiders improved to 3-2 as they upset the Kansas City Chiefs 40-32. KC is now 4-1.

-The Arizona Cardinals got to 3-2 as they whooped up on the New York Jets 30-10, the Jets falling to 0-5.

-The Pittsburgh Steelers remained undefeated at 4-0 as they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-29 to drop them to 1-3-1. Steelers rookie Chase Claypool had 3 receiving touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown.

-The Los Angeles Rams beat up on the Washington Football Team 30-10 to improve to 4-1 as Washington fell to 1-4. Alex Smith played in a game for the first time nearly 2 years after he suffered a gruesome leg injury of his own. Smith had to endure 17 surgeries in order to save his leg and recover. He almost died. It’s an amazing story and he’s locked up Comeback Player of the Year for sure.

-The Miami Dolphins trounced the San Francisco 49ers 43-17 to get to 2-3 and drop the 49ers to 2-3. This was a big upset and should be a big wakeup call for the 49ers. It’s understandable to lose sometimes to teams you should beat, but they looked bad in this game, really bad.

-The Cleveland Browns improved to 4-1 as they beat the Indianapolis Colts 32-23 and dropped the Colts to 3-2.

-The Seattle Seahawks came back in the final minute to beat the Minnesota Vikings 27-26. The Seahawks remain undefeated at 5-0 as the Vikings fall to 1-4.

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