Lakers Win 2020 NBA Title

By: Frank Hyden

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat 106-93 last night to win the series and their 17th NBA Title as a franchise, tying the Boston Celtics for most in NBA history. LeBron James had another triple double with 28 points and 14 rebounds and 10 assists to lead the Lakers. The Heat were led by Bam Adebayo with 25 points and 10 rebounds. However, the game wasn’t as close at the score makes it seem, the Lakers held a 28 point lead at halftime. LeBron now has his 4th NBA title and he’s done it with 3 different teams. He was also named NBA Finals MVP for the 4th time. He’s the only player in history to win Finals MVP for 3 different teams. There’ll be a lot of talk about his legacy moving forward but let’s just enjoy what we’ve seen for now and worry about that legacy talk later. I’m not really a fan of comparing guys and their stats across eras. It’s really hard to judge what guys from the 1980’s would do in today’s NBA, and vice versa. Same goes for the 1960’s or 2000’s or whatever year you want to talk about.

I always find it odd that one of the things people always bring up when they say Michael Jordan is better than LeBron is that Jordan has 6 rings. Well, Bill Russell has 11 rings. What about overall stats? Wilt Chamberlain did things that don’t even seem possible and has a collection of records that will never be touched. Again, let’s just enjoy what we’re watching while we’re watching it.

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