Sony Release Firmware 8.00 for PS4, Ruins Parties

By: Frank Hyden

Sony has released firmware 8.00 for the PS4 and it’s ruined parties. Basically, now you have to use a message group in order to send party invites to people. Here are some PS4 reddit threads about it. First Second Third

Also, Friends lists are showing up for people, they’re getting an error message.

To put it bluntly, Sony completely and utterly screwed this up. People in the 8.00 beta sent them repeated messages about how this new party system was stupid and backwards but they didn’t listen. I hate when companies try to “fix” what isn’t broken. It’s just dumb. Stuff like this doesn’t inspire confidence in the PS5’s UI and features. Of course, if the past is any indicator, it’ll take at least a few years for whatever things they’ve added to the PS4 to make it to the PS5. At least that’s how it was with good features from the PS3 not making it to the PS4 for a few years, like Appear Offline, Folders, etc.

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