Titans Beat Down Bills, Le’Veon Bell Released

By: Frank Hyden

-The Tennessee Titans hadn’t played in a couple weeks and haven’t even really practiced, yet came out and destroyed the Buffalo Bills 42-16. The Bills had a receiver bobble a ball into the air that got intercepted on their first drive, and things only got worse from there. Josh Allen threw a really bad interception later in the game and there was a fumble on a kickoff return. Here’s a telling stat, the Titans had 4 touchdown drives of 30 yards or less. Hell, 3 of those touchdown drives were 18 yards or less. The Bills had far too many costly turnovers.

Josh Allen finished with 2 touchdowns but also 2 interceptions. Ryan Tannehill had 3 touchdowns throwing and 1 touchdown rushing. Derrick Henry only had 57 yards rushing but he had 2 touchdowns. He also had one hellacious stiffarm of Josh Norman- seen here from the Titans Twitter account. The Titans played so well that you would think the Bills hadn’t been able to practice in a few weeks. The Titans remain undefeated at 4-0 while the Bills drop to 4-1.

-Le’Veon Bell has been released by the New York Jets. Bell has done all that well lately, but this is the Jets we’re talking about. Not many people look good on the Jets. Of course, the biggest reason why is Adam Gase is a terrible coach. He did go 10-6 in his first year coaching the Miami Dolphins but in the 3+ seasons since then he’s 20-33. But more importantly, they’re trending down as they’re 0-5 this season. Also, he had problems and got rid of Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold has regressed as quarterback. And beyond the losing, it’s the way they lose. They’re not competitive very often, there’s not a lot to hang your hat on and say we can build on this. Anyway, back to Bell, he could contribute to a team, no question. It’s hard to say how much, though. He’s only 28 and sat out an entire season so he doesn’t have a lot of wear on him, so you would think he could help a pretty good amount. He’s not going to be your workhorse back but he can absolutely give you 8-10 carries a game and help in the passing game. He’s a really good receiver and there’s plenty of teams that could use him, especially if you can get him at a good price.

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