PS5 Has 667 GB Storage On SSD

By: Frank Hyden

The PlayStation 5 has a custom 825GB SSD in it. That’s low, as it is on Xbox, but they didn’t want to jack up the price by including a larger drive. It sucks that the drive sizes are going to be so low because you have games like Call of Duty: Cold War with Call of Duty: Warzone installed that take up 200GB by itself. I imagine people will be pickier about what games they have installed because of this, so you would think that developers would work on trying to compress games as much as possible. Or at least at all.

You can’t install any PS5 games to an external hard drive to store either, which is just bullshit. You couldn’t run them from an external drive, but you should be able to store them there, as that would be quicker than downloading the damn things again. Not to mention that a fair amount of people are dealing with bandwidth caps from their ISP. From what I’m seeing, people are more upset about not being to have PS5 games on an external HDD than the smaller size of the SSD, which I totally understand. That really hamstrings the amount of games you can keep installed on the system. That’s just a bad choice by Sony.

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