The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE Smackdown 11/06/2020

By: Frank Hyden

Smackdown last night featured more qualifying matches for Team Smackdown for Survivor Series and it kicked off with a world title match. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Sasha Banks beat Bayley to retain her Smackdown Women’s Championship

This was another very good match between these two, no surprise there. The actual surprise to me was that they had Bayley lose clean to Banks for the second time in a few weeks. No distractions, no shenanigans, no ref bump, nothing. I’m glad it went down like this but I’m surprised. They did some really good near-falls but in the end, Banks made Bayley tap out to the Bank Statement. She got blindsided by Carmella after the match, as she was making her way up the ramp.

GOOD- King Corbin beat Rey Mysterio to join Team Smackdown

This match was okay, though the end featured Seth Rollins attacking Dominik at ringside and Aalyah and Murphy showing up as well and it all distracted Rey so Corbin could beat him.

GOOD- Ruby Riott beat Zelina Vega and Natalya to join Team Smackdown

This was too short to be very good but I like all 3 of them so I’m glad they were at least on the show. Yeah, I think they deserve better. Ruby has a newish look, she cut her hair short. For some reason, Natalya is in another qualifying match. Watch this be a thing as she keeps being in these qualifying matches only to lose each one. Sounds like fun… Anyway, Riott trapped Vega in a submission after Natalya had her in the Sharpshooter. Natalya released her side but Riott didn’t, Vega tapped, and there we are. Riott joins Bianca Belair on Team Smackdown. They better fill those other spots quick, Survivor Series is in 2 weeks

GOOD- Seth Rollins beat Otis to join Team Smackdown

I’ve seen some saying that Otis was more serious and focused than usual here. That’s not true, he was doing the same shit he always does. And that’s fine, he is who he is. He was even going to do the Caterpillar until Murphy jumped up on the apron and provided a distraction that led to Rollins hitting The Stomp and getting the win. Murphy re-joined Rollins as his disciple, Aalyah Mysterio yelled at him but he told her to trust him.

One of the funniest things I’ve heard in quite some time happened during this match. As Murphy and Otis were looking at each other, Corey Graves on commentary said it’s like Murphy is looking at a funhouse mirror. Part of what makes that so funny is that it’s true. They both have long hair and beards, with Otis having longer hair and beard. Also, Otis is quite a bit bigger than Murphy in the waist area, we’ll say. That line from Corey busted up Michael Cole as well, as he tried to continue calling the match but had to paus to regain his composure. That was awesome.

GOOD- Jey Uso beat Kevin Owens

This match was about what you would expect from these two, it was pretty good. Paul Heyman came out to provide some distraction and they did some more distraction with Roman Reigns, allowing Uso to hit the Superkick/Frog Splash combo to get the win. Afterwards, Reigns put his hand on Jey’s shoulder and held the Universal Title high in the air. This was a nice finish to a pretty good show.

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