The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from AEW Dynamite 11/11/2020

By: Frank Hyden

AEW Dynamite this week had a bunch of fallout from their Full Gear PPV. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Brian Cage beat Matt Sydal

These guys had an excellent match. Sydal with a lot of high-flying moves and Cage showing off his power arsenal. Cage ended up winning as Sydal went to the air one too many times. Ricky Starks said Team Taz is going after the TNT Championship next.

GOOD- Cody Rhodes and Jade Cargill promo

Rhodes came out and talked about how instead of a rematch against the new TNT Champion Darby Allin, he’s going to go after MJF next. Jade Cargill makes her debut and runs down Rhodes, bringing up Shaq’s name. This brings out Brandi Rhodes, who spits hot fire at Cargill. She leaves, and pats Brandi on the butt as she does, which incenses her and officials are needed to keep the peace. During the commotion, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks attack Cody but Allin makes the save. Will Hobbs also shows up.

GOOD- Natural Nightmares beat The Butcher and The Blade in a Bunkhouse Match

These guys beat the hell out of each other. QT Marshall bled a lot but The Blade actually bled more. This was a wild match that would absolutely belong on any PPV for any company. Dustin Rhodes bulldogged The Butcher off the stage through some plywood part of the set. QT Marshall hit The Blade with a elbow drop off the top of a huge ladder. Hell, even Bunny got into the act, getting knocked off the apron through a table. If you like violence, this match was for you.

GOOD/BAD- MJF and Wardlow join The Inner Circle

This was okay, but it was a lot of talking for not much payoff. MJF gave everyone tickets to Las Vegas and said they’re going next week to celebrate Chris Jericho’s 50th birthday. Sammy Guevara got the first email from MJF but not the second one that everyone else got, telling them the right place to meet.

GOOD- Shawn Spears beat Scorpio Sky

These guys went back and forth and had a pretty good match. Tully Blanchard distracted the ref while Spears got his loaded glove on, then distracted Sky by passing him a weapon as well, allowing Spears to hit him and get the win. That was cool.

GOOD- Tay Conti beat Red Velvet

They both had some really good moments in this match. Velvet hit a standing moonsault. Anna Jay was in Conti’s corner and she kept trying to get her to cheat but Conti wouldn’t. Conti ended up winning clean so I’m not sure where this stuff with The Dark Order is going.

GOOD- Penta El Zero M beat Rey Fenix

Eddie Kingston was on commentary and had a few good lines, including going after Tony Schiavone for asking about how the brothers never fought before and now they seemingly can’t stand each other. He also went after Excaliber for botching a few calls on commentary. The match itself was fantastic, and included several huge moves. Penta hit a Flip Inverted DDT but Fenix kicked out. He also hit him with a Package Piledriver on the apron, then a Canadian Destroyer on the floor outside the ring. That was wild and looked incredibly dangerous. They also ripped each other’s masks open. After Penta got the pin with another Package Piledriver, Kingston hit the ring and called Penta his best friend and said he doesn’t need Fenix, kicking his limp body out of the ring. That’s when PAC makes his return and a bunch of officials keep the peace. Next week is PAC vs. The Blade.

This was an excellent edition of Dynamite. Not every segment was a winner but they’re not going to be. There was some great segments and a lot happening. They also announced that Kenny Omega will challenge AEW Champion Jon Moxley on December 2nd and each man gave a good backstage interview. Things are heating up in AEW.

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