The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE Smackdown 11/13/2020

By: Frank Hyden

Last night’s Smackdown featured the final match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins and some teasing of a potential Survivor Series matchup. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Drew McIntyre interrupts Roman Reigns promo

Reigns was talking himself up when McIntyre interrupted and said he’ll be the one to face him at Survivor Series. That brought out Jey Uso, who challenged McIntyre and said he’ll handle him. Reigns wasn’t happy about that, as he let him know following this segment. McIntyre shoved Uso down and they set up a match between the two.

GOOD- Sami Zayn beat Apollo Crews

This wasn’t a very long match but it was entertaining. Early on, Zayn ripped off part of the apron. A moment later, he wrapped Crews leg in the truss and ropes underneath the ring and jumped in the ring to win the match by countout. That definitely fits Zayn’s character and is a way for them to protect Crews.

BAD/GOOD- Sasha Banks attacked by Carmella

Banks started cutting a promo placing everyone else in the division on notice when Bayley’s music hit and she started coming to the ring. Carmella came up behind Banks as she was distracted and Superkicked her and hit the X-Factor. First off, what happened to Bayley? They didn’t mention her or show her during and after Carmella’s attack. Did she just walk to the back for no reason? Despite coming out for a reason? And why didn’t WWE mention that Banks is on the new episode of The Mandalorian that came out that same day? I don’t get it. I’m glad to see them doing something with Carmella but everything else is a big L.

BAD/UGLY- Otis beat Dolph Ziggler

Otis tried to show intensity in a backstage segment setting up this match and during this match but it falls flat. He can’t do it, he can’t show intensity and seriousness. It looks ridiculous. He acts like your little 5-year cousin, snorting and stomping his foot and scrunching his face up like the bad actor in a community theater group. It’s so over the top and cheesy. It’s worse acting than a kids show. Then, to top it off, he squashes Ziggler, who has more talent in his left buttcheek than Otis has in his whole body. I was disgusted watching this. Ziggler deserves better (as does Robert Roode), the audience deserves better. Otis is probably a really good guy. I don’t know, but I’m assuming he is, so I want to make it clear that I’m not criticizing him as a person. I’m criticizing the character Otis, who sucks. He’s a mid-card at best comedy act. He’s a mascot, someone there to entertain the live crowd. Except we don’t have a live crowd right now, so why are they pushing him so hard and having him squash a talented guy? You don’t have the Philly Fanatic beating up your shortstop, do you? Take that Caterpillar shit and have him beat some job guys every so often, and leave the good workers alone.

GOOD- Rey Mysterio beat Seth Rollins

This was billed as their final encounter, and it delivered a pretty good match. The match was no-holds barred but they smartly went the more emotional route, having the rest of the Mysterio family there and showing them whenever Rollins hit Mysterio with a big move. Them cheering Rey on was a better way to go than trying to drive home how brutal the match was, especially because AEW just had a couple of actually brutal matches themselves this past week between AEW Champion Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston and The Natural Nightmares vs. The Butcher and The Blade. This match wasn’t going to live up to those matches in terms of violence because of WWE’s no blood policy. However, the Mysterio family being there and reacting to the match made it very interesting and exciting in its own right. There were some big moves during the match, though. Rey got powerbombed through a table and Rollins had the chair he was holding dropkicked back into his face, which looked like it made contact with his face. As you would expect, Murphy turned on Rollins and helped Rey win. Rey shook Murphy’s hand afterward and gave his approval of his relationship with Aalyah. Later, they booked a match between Rollins and Murphy for next week.

GOOD/BAD- Liv Morgan beat Tamina, Natalya, and Chelsea Green to join Team Smackdown

Green had a little bit of action in the match then disappeared, having suffered a broken arm in a horrific bit of bad luck. She had just returned and boom, another injury. That sucks for her. Most of the action was between Morgan and Natalya, but Tamina returned in time to take the pin for Morgan.

GOOD- Drew McIntyre beat Jey Uso

This went about how you expected. McIntyre had the edge, but Uso fought back. Roman Reigns came out and told Uso to make McIntyre understand. Uso attacked McIntyre but then ate a Claymore and got pinned as McIntyre and Reigns started at each other. They had words as the show closed and Reigns walked away after telling McIntyre to get him a belt and they’ll talk. This was a good enough segment. Nothing great, but it teased a McIntyre vs. Reigns match and did it pretty well. I think the Mysterio-Rollins match would have been a better choice for the main event slot, though. This was just a nice solid match, not the end of a feud. Again, WWE has this thing where their guy has to be in the main event spot every week. It makes the show too predictable.

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