The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE Survivor Series 2020

By: Frank Hyden

Survivor Series 2020 featured several big cross-brand matches. It also had a tribute to The Undertaker. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD/BAD- RAW Men’s Team beat Smackdown Men’s Team

The only interesting thing here was that RAW got the sweep over Smackdown. That’s interesting but I don’t know if it was the right way to go.

GOOD- The Street Profits beat The New Day

They had some really good back and forth moments in this match, which was almost the best of the night. The action was fast and furious and the Profits eventually got the win with a top rope Blockbuster by Montez Ford as Angelo Dawkins held up Xavier Woods.

GOOD- Bobby Lashley beat Sami Zayn

Lashley basically squashed Zayn but The Hurt Business interfered enough that it gives Zayn something to rant about.

GOOD- Sasha Banks beat Asuka

This was the best match of the night, at least to me. These two are so good together. The Street Profits and The New Day are more athletic, obviously, but there’s just something about Banks and Asuka that creates magic when they’re in there together. Banks winning wasn’t a surprise but they still built some good drama in the match.

GOOD/BAD- RAW Women’s Team beat Smackdown Women’s Team

Lana was the sole survivor as she stood on the steel steps and watched as Bianca Belair and Nia Jax got counted out. I think a lot of people figured she would be the sole survivor but this was the worst way to have that happen, I think. I think it would have been a lot more fun if she had battled back from a 3-1 deficit or something to win. As it is, this win is just okay. And I’m sure it’ll lead to Jax putting Lana through the announce table on RAW tonight again. Awesome…

GOOD/BAD- Roman Reigns beat Drew McIntyre

The match itself was pretty good, McIntyre was able to carry the load, but I can’t believe some of the people saying this was the best match of the night. And I really can’t believe some are saying it was one of the Matches of the Year. That’s insane. Reigns is a fine wrestler, but he’s a slightly more athletic version of Kevin Nash, and he has about the same amount of moves. Kick, punch, clothesline, Samoan Drop, Spear. I guess we could throw the Superman Punch in there but that’s just another punch. Oh yeah, I suppose you can add a Guillotine to that list to truly make it the Six Moves of Doom. Don’t get me wrong, I like the way Reigns has gone with his character but he’s only an okay wrestler. It sounds ridiculous to me that there are people raving about this match. It told a fine story, yes, but there’s no way it was as good as Asuka vs. Sasha Banks. Drew McIntyre worked his ass off in this match, and Reigns had his working boots on as well, but it doesn’t match up to the earlier matches.

GOOD- The Undertaker tribute

This was short in a way, though there was tons of big names in the ring, but it was appropriate. Undertaker knelt before a hologram of Paul Bearer as the show ended and he went off to go Rest in Peace.

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