Jets Get Their First Win, Chiefs Beat Saints, More Scores From NFL Week 15

By: Frank Hyden

The New York Jets (1-13) beat the Los Angeles Rams (9-5) 23-20 to get their first win of the season after a pathetic performance by the Rams.

The Kansas City Chiefs (13-1) beat the New Orleans Saints (10-4) 32-29 as Drew Brees returned and looked rusty early but was good later.

The Los Angeles Chargers (5-9) beat the Las Vegas Raiders (7-7) 30-27 on Thursday night.

The Buffalo Bills (11-3) beat the Denver Broncos (5-9) 48-19 on Saturday evening.

-The Green Bay Packers (11-3) beat the Carolina Panthers (4-10) 24-16 on Saturday night.

-The Indianapolis Colts (10-4) beat the Houston Texans (4-10) 27-20.

-The Tennessee Titans (10-4) beat the Detroit Lions (5-9) 46-25.

The Chicago Bears (7-7) beat the Minnesota Vikings (6-8) 33-27.

-The Seattle Seahawks (10-4) beat the Washington Football Team (6-8) 20-15.

The Miami Dolphins (9-5) beat the New England Patriots (6-8) 22-12.

The Baltimore Ravens (9-5) beat the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-13) 40-14.

-The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) beat the Atlanta Falcons (4-10) 31-27.

The Dallas Cowboys (5-9) beat the San Francisco 49ers (5-9) 41-33.

-The Arizona Cardinals (8-6) beat the Philadelphia Eagles (4-9-1) 33-26.

-The Cleveland Browns (10-4) beat the New York Giants (5-9) 20-6.

AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Chiefs (13-1) Homefield almost clinched
  2. Steelers (11-2) Clinched playoff berth.
  3. Bills (11-3) Clinched the AFC East.
  4. Titans (10-4) Owns the division tiebreaker over Colts.
  5. Colts (10-4) Can still win AFC South.
  6. Browns (10-4)
  7. Dolphins (9-5) Own the last wild card thanks to conference record tiebreaker over Ravens
  8. Baltimore Ravens (9-5) Out right now but still a chance to make it in.

NFL Playoff Picture

  1. Packers (11-3) Homefield close to being clinched
  2. Saints (10-4) Clinched playoff berth.
  3. Seahawks (10-4) First in the NFC West.
  4. Washington (6-8) Still lead the NFC East.
  5. Rams (9-5)
  6. Buccaneers (9-5)
  7. Cardinals (8-6) One-game lead for the final wild card.
  8. Bears (7-7) Got a chance

Also, the rest of the NFC East still has a chance to win the division.

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