The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE TLC

By: Frank Hyden

TLC was last night and featured some big events. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Drew McIntyre beat AJ Styles, Miz on the cash-in

The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract so this became a triple threat. This was a pretty damn good match. McIntyre won, no surprise there, but I am disappointed that the Miz cashed in and lost. I liked it better when whoever had the briefcase won the title every time. It made things more interesting in my eyes, because there was always that threat of a cash-in looming. Plus, it built anticipation and excitement for when it was finally cashed in.

GOOD- Sasha Banks beat Carmella

Another predictable finish, what with Carmella getting the upper hand during their interactions on Smackdown. WWE is too predictable that way. Regardless, I won’t hold that against this match because they went out there and had a really good match. They both hit their moves and things flowed well. Sasha won with the The Bank Statement.

GOOD- The Hurt Business beat The New Day to win the RAW Tag Team Titles

This was a really good back and forth tag match, though it’s a shame that they’re breaking up (part) of The Hurt Business already. Cedric Alexander tagging himself in to take the glory from Shelton Benjamin by getting the pin means they’ll probably stomp him out of the group tonight on RAW, though they might wait a week or so. That’s a shame, as them being a faction of 4 works better, I think, then them being 3.

GOOD- Asuka and Charlotte Flair beat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

Flair made her return. That’s cool. And her and Asuka won the tag belts. That’s also cool. What’s not cool is the way Baszler got treated all throughout this title run. She did most of the in-ring work, which makes sense because Jax isn’t a very good worker. However, what doesn’t make sense is that Baszler is the one who always got pinned, or made to look bad or foolish. Jax did get pinned last week on RAW by Lana, but that was just to set up them destroying Lana’s knee and ankle. Other than that, it’s Baszler who would lose, it’s Baszler who would sell. And I get it, Jax is much bigger than everyone else so it only makes sense that you have the smaller one do the work and selling and jobs, but unless the plan is for Jax to win the title, why? There’s more money in Baszler, so shouldn’t they be trying to protect her? Anyway, the match was fairly good and Flair making her return shakes things up a little bit.

GOOD- Roman Reigns beat Kevin Owens

This was even more predictable than the other matches on the card, but they delivered a good match. I was a little surprised they had Jey Uso interfere as much as he did, though. They booked it as if there’s no way Reigns would have won without Uso.

GOOD/BAD/UGLY- Randy Orton beat The Fiend, sets him on fire

This was a total spectacle. That’s both good and bad. Orton ended up RKOing The Fiend and then set him on fire in the middle of the ring and burned him to death, basically. Now obviously, The Fiend is supernatural and all that, and he’ll return soon. Hell, I won’t be too surprised if he shows up tonight on RAW. The Fiend at one point even tried to hit Orton with a pickaxe. I’m not a fan of this kind of stuff, I think it stretches credibility way too far. I’m not sure what to make of all this, I just know I don’t think they should do it. Others might like it, I don’t know.

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