The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE RAW 01/11/2021

By: Frank Hyden

RAW had to be changed up a good deal, with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre testing positive for Covid. He was scheduled to face Randy Orton in the main event. This actually makes me more interested in the show now, because I’ve seen Orton and McIntyre wrestle way too many times recently.

GOOD/BAD- Triple H and Randy Orton promo

This was largely fine, but it also gives me a sense of deja vu (this brings back memories of how many times we’ve seen Triple H and Orton wrestle) and dread (we know what’s going to happen, Super Triple H is going to dominate Orton until Orton hits a RKO out of nowhere and finds some other way to cheat). I lived through Triple H’s Reign of Terror so this all feels very familiar. Not in a good way.

GOOD- Lacey Evans beat Charlotte Flair

The in-ring action was decent, but this was mainly about the story of Ric turning on Charlotte. He tripped her again and held her foot down so Lacey could get the pin. Ric and Lacey walked off together. This might be interesting or it might suck, it’s too soon to tell now. I think it’ll be okay, though.

GOOD/BAD- Jaxson Ryker beat Jeff Hardy/Hardy beat Elias

Ryker quickly rolled up Hardy after a distraction by Elias. Hardy then challenged Elias and beat him after Elias told Ryker not to interfere. The matches were too quick but I get that they’re not going to devote too much time to these matches.

GOOD- Keith Lee and Sheamus beat The Miz and John Morrison

Miz and Morrison were just bumping around for these guys but it was entertaining. All four guys are good workers. They did a spot where Lee smashed Morrison into the turnbuckle and snapped the top rope buckle off. That’s a unique spot. When the match continued, Sheamus tagged himself in as Lee was about to get the win so Sheamus could get the pin himself. This lead to…

GOOD- Keith Lee beat Sheamus

This wasn’t very long but it was physical. These guys had a really good hoss fight, Lee won with The Spirit Bomb. They hugged afterwards, so I guess they’re going for a similar type of relationship Sheamus has with Drew McIntyre.

GOOD- T-Bar beat Xavier Woods

T-Bar controlled most of this match, though Woods got in his spots as well. He got distracted by Retribution, though, and T-Bar picked up the win. Nice to see Retribution get a win.

GOOD- Bobby Lashley beat Riddle/MVP vs. Riddle ends in DQ

Lashley beat Riddle with The Hurt Lock after bloodying his mouth, then Riddle challenged MVP. They worked a bit before Lashley speared Riddle after he took control of the match. This stuff was decent, it certainly makes Lashley look like a monster.

GOOD/BAD- AJ Styles beat Drew Gulak

If Gulak won this match, he’d be entered into The Royal Rumble. That’s fine, but why does he have to face Styles, who’s already in the match? What’s in this for AJ? Styles won, so I guess Gulak will have to settle for doing some 24/7 Title stuff that night.

BAD/GOOD- Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax beat Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Rose and Brooke entered themselves in the Royal Rumble match then had a pretty quick match where they got dominated before losing. Well, thanks for coming. At least Baszler was able to look good. They always have Jax look strong so it’s nice to see Baszler look strong-ish.

BAD- Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss throws a fireball

Triple H dominated Orton and was whooping his ass as they brawled around ringside. Triple H grabbed his sledgehammer, then some of the lights went out. The sledgehammer was on fire, the lights went fully out and the Firefly Fun House music played. The lights came back up, Triple H was gone and Alexa Bliss was standing in the corner. She gestured a bit before throwing a fireball at Orton. The final 20-30 seconds of the show was literally just Orton grunting and groaning as he flopped around. Meh, this wasn’t for me. From Triple H dominating a guy who’s supposed to be one of the best in the world to the fireball stuff, that’s a no from me, dog. And that’s fine, I don’t expect everything to be what I want. I’m sure plenty of people did like it.

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