Chiefs and Buccaneers Advance To Conference Championship Games

By: Frank Hyden

The Kansas City Chiefs were able to hold on to the lead to beat the Cleveland Browns 22-17. The story of the game is Patrick Mahomes getting a concussion late in the 3rd quarter, which puts his ability to play next week in doubt. I think he’ll play, given the magnitude of the game, but you never know for sure. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really see how he even got a concussion in the first place. You saw him staggering and unable to get up after the hit and then they show a replay of it and his head never hit the ground or anything. The defender had his arm around Mahomes’ neck and was twisting and rolling so maybe that was it? I don’t know, but you could tell he was messed up.

Back to the game, Chad Henne came in and it was up and down. It was more good than bad, though. He threw a horrible pass into the end zone that got intercepted when the Chiefs were driving, but he also had a huge run on 3rd and 14 to nearly give the Chiefs the first down and win. They were a half yard short, though, so Henne COMPLETED A PASS FROM SHOTGUN to Tyreek Hill. Holy hell, the balls on Andy Reid to call that. It was tremendous playcalling/scheme because Hill was wide open but still…

The other game…all the pregame build was about the matchup between two legendary quarterbacks. And of course we knew neither guy was what he once was. Brees is a shell of who he once was and Brady is still a good quarterback who’s played great at times but is obviously not as good as he once was. It’s that whole “70% of him is still better than a lot of guys in the league” kind of thing.

Anyway, Brady played all right, he completed 54.5% of his passes for 199 yards and had a QB sneak for a touchdown as well. On the other hand, Brees played like garbage. He did complete a higher percentage of his passes than Brady (55.9% for Brees) and had a touchdown but he only had 134 yards passing and 3 interceptions. The Bucs won 30-20.

The sentiment is that Brees will retire and while this would be a horrible game to go out on, he looked shot. Brees is a legend and has a bunch of records so if he does retire, he’s had a great career.

So now the Bucs will travel to Green Bay to play the Packers on Sunday at 3:05pm EST while the Buffalo Bills head to Kansas City to play the Chiefs at 6:40pm EST. The Bucs demolished the Packers earlier in the year 38-10 but the Saints had beaten the Bucs twice this year before, including a 38-3 beatdown so it’s very possible history repeats and the Pack win. I don’t know, I kind of lean towards Tampa Bay to win but Green Bay has a tremendous offense and Aaron Rodgers is playing fantastically. And being at Lambeau should benefit them. We’ll see, though. The Chiefs beat the Bills earlier this year as well, 26-17, but that was all the way back in October, so who knows if that factors in at all. What will make the difference is, does Mahomes play? And if he does, how well does he play? Will he be affected by this concussion if he plays? If Mahomes plays, I think the Chiefs win.

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