The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from WWE Smackdown 02/05/2021

By: Frank Hyden

Smackdown featured some good stuff and some bad, primarily with the whole “Who will you choose to face a Wrestlemania?” segments they’re doing. Let’s get to the rundown.

GOOD- Roman Reigns promo

Reigns came out and said of course Edge wants to face him at Wrestlemania. He called for Edge to come out and tell him he’s choosing him but apparently Edge wasn’t in the building yet. This set Reigns off, who started yelling that Edge doesn’t want to play games with him. He gave Edge until the end of the night to tell him who he’s facing. This was a good promo that set up the main event segment.

GOOD- Dominik Mysterio beat King Corbin

Dom was only able to beat Corbin because Rey held Corbin’s feet and allowed Dominik to hit his version of the 619, then frogsplash him. This was solid.

GOOD- Cesaro beat Daniel Bryan

I love that Bryan has been trying to put over as many people as possible. That’s exactly what you want from your top guys. Bryan is able to overcome these losses because of his connection with the fans. It’s not as noticeable now, because of there being no live crowds, but there’s no question that Bryan is one of the most popular guys in wrestling. This was a fast-paced match that delivered some good action, and Cesaro won. I love that.

GOOD- Bayley beat Ruby Riott

Billie Kay joined the commentary team, which was great as I really dig her. And the match was also really good. Riott sold a shoulder injury and did a tremendous job of it. They went back and forth for a while, with Bayley pulling further and further ahead until she put Riott away.

BAD- Bianca Belair is facing…?

Spoiler alert- she didn’t say. They did this segment twice already with Edge, on RAW then on NXT. They even did an interview segment before this where Kayla Braxton asked Bianca who she was facing and Bianca said that everyone is telling her to take her time to decide but that she would be making her choice soon. Ok, enough said, you can ask her again next week. But no, instead, they do a whole segment where Belair comes to the ring and talks some, then gets interrupted by Reginald. Then Carmella comes out, then Sasha Banks comes out. Then Belair whips Reginald with her hair and the segment ends. What the hell? What a waste of time, that could have been given to Cesaro-Bryan or Riott-Bayley. If you want them to wait to announce who they’re facing, that’s fine. Just don’t waste time with dumb segments like this.

GOOD/UGLY- Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler beat Chad Gable and Otis/The Street Profits do commentary

The match was fairly good. It’s hard for me to truly grade it, though, because The Street Profits were in a picture-in-picture box doing literally the most annoying commentary I’ve heard in quite some time. They acted like fucking YouTubers, yelling and screaming like little bitches. In other words, like their usual selves but this seemed worse than usual. Sometimes I kind of like these guys, and usually I can tolerate them, but they were horrible here. They’re not funny or cool, just lame.

GOOD- Video package of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant/quick Hogan words

They aired a recap of the Saturday Night’s Main Event match between Hogan and Andre that they said 33 million people watched. A highly impressive number, for sure, and a nice trip down memory lane. Then they went to a taped segment with Hogan talking very quickly about the match and putting over Edge and his decision.

GOOD- Big E beat Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn to defend his WWE Intercontinental Title

The went back and forth for a while before Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on Big E and would have won if Crews hadn’t stopped the pin. Crews then threw Zayn into the timekeeper’s area and went to finish off Big E himself. However, Big E caught him with The Big Ending and pinned him to retain. This was a really good match, Crews had done a good job of making his frustration seem palpable.

BAD/GOOD- More Edge teasing/Kevin Owens gives Reigns a Stunner

Edge came out and started talking, but then Reigns interrupted. Edge said “Why the backup?” so Roman sent Jey Uso to the back. They teased a decision from Edge but Owens ran in and gave Reigns the Stunner before anything happened. Owens walked off as Edge left the ring with a smirk and Reigns writhed on the ground. This would have been a better segment if they hadn’t been teasing Edge making his decision all week. I understand that WWE might not want to announce these WrestleMania matches yet, not with Fastlane coming up, but these constant teases aren’t the way to go. At least, not in my opinion.

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