Destiney’s Path


Page 1
Panel 1- An aircraft carrier
Caption- The aircraft carrier Tiger’s Claw in the southern Atlantic Ocean.
Panel 2- Carmen preparing for her mission.
Caption- Carmen Reed 22 years old Expert pilot Adrenaline junkie
Panel 3- Carmen preparing more for her mission, maybe tugging on her gloves to make sure they’re tight?
Caption Dialogue- Carmen is getting herself ready for her mission
Panel 4- Carmen standing
Carmen Dialogue- I’m going to rock this mission!

Page 2
Panel 1- Carmen posing.
Carmen Dialogue- This is my time! This is my day!
Panel 2- Anya talking to Lord Bach.
Caption- Anya Bach 22 years old Decorated fighter Highly intelligent
Anya Dialogue- We’re lucky to have Carmen running this mission!
Panel 3- Lord Bach speaking.
Caption- Lord Bach 47 years old Former ruler of the Southern Kingdom Known as the Tiger
Lord Bach Dialogue- She may be our best pilot but she has a lot to learn about respecting authority!
Panel 4- Anya looking hopeful.
Anya Dialogue- She’s the Savior’s Champion, she’ll do her part!
Panel 5- Lord Bach looks pensive and concerned.
Lord Bach Dialogue- Only time will tell.

Page 3
Panel 1- Anya and Bach look on as Carmen approaches her F35 fighter jet.
Anya Dialogue- It’s been foretold tha-
Bach Dialogue- It has but I don’t trust her.
Panel 2- Anya talking to Bach
Anya Dialogue- Father, she’s my friend!
Panel 3- Carmen gives a thumbs up from the cockpit.
Carmen Dialogue- Black Dog…ready!
Panel 4- Carmen blasts off from the deck.

Page 4
Panel 1- It’s a beautiful sunrise.
Panel 2- Pull back to reveal the sunrise shrouded by palm trees. An island can barely be seen.
Panel 3- Close-up of the sunrise with 3 fighter jets just above the water.
Panel 4- Close-up of fighter jet.

Page 5
Panel 1- Close-up of the cockpit.
Panel 2- Pull far out, the 3 jets are on trajectory towards the previously seen island.
Caption- Devil’s Island.
Panel 3- Carmen in the cockpit.
Carmen Dialogue- This is Black Dog, we’ve reached the target.
Panel 4- Carmen’s hand on the trigger.
Carmen Dialogue- Preparing to fire.

Page 6
Panel 1- Close on Bach.
Bach Dialogue- Copy that, mission parameters are a go!
Panel 2- Carmen’s hand on the trigger joystick. There’s a toggle with 3 settings, Safety, Guns, and Rockets. The toggle is set to Rockets.
Carmen Dialogue- Copy that!
Panel 3- Two rockets veer off from Carmen’s fighter jet.
Panel 4- Close-up on Carmen.
Carmen Dialogue- Fox Three.

Page 7
Panel 1- Tiger’s Claw aircraft carrier.
Panel 2- Close-up of a stern-looking Anya.
Panel 3- On Bach and Anya.
Anya Dialogue- The fleet is in position.

Page 8
Panel 1- Close-up of the two rockets.
Panel 2- The rockets smash into a base in a huge explosion, taking out towers and mounted guns.
Panel 3- Carmen’s fighter jet is turning to come back to the carrier.
Radio Voice Dialogue- Nice work. Good contact, Black Dog. Come home.
Carmen Dialogue- Thanks, Ted.
Radio Voice Dialogue- That’s not my callsign, Black Dog.
Carmen Dialogue- Whatever you say, Ted.

Page 9
Panel 1- A bunch of troops are riding toward the island in a boat. Anya and Terry Lee Hope in the front. Some huts can be seen on the island.
Caption- The troops are in search of confirmation that
Anya Dialogue- We’re approaching the island
Panel 2- Terry talking to Anya.
Terry Dialogue- How much resistance are we expecting?
Caption- Terry Lee Hope 31 years old Experienced soldier Super serious
Panel 3- Anya responding.
Anya Dialogue- Well, hopefully those rockets softened them up enough that any resistance is minimal.
Panel 4- The boat has arrived on shore, soldiers are departing and running onto the beach.
Terry Dialogue- Go! Go! Go!

Page 10
Panel 1- Some anthropomorphic fish people are on the beach, clay huts are where they live. Various skulls are hanging from walls and posts.
Panel 2- Terry talking to Anya as they and the soldiers storm the beach.
Terry Dialogue- Who are these guys?
Anya Dialogue- These must be the Piscis people. They’re not the target!
Panel 3- Anya close-up
Anya Dialogue- We need to find out if the Zai-Quo are here!
Panel 4- A soldier pointing
Soldier Dialogue- Is that them?
Panel 5- A bunch of Kamen Valkyrie are coming out of the jungle.
Caption- Kamen Valkyrie are the fierce warriors of the Phoenix, the Empress of the Four Kingdoms.
Anya Dialogue- No but shoot them anyway!

Page 11
Panel 1- The soldiers open fire, Anya and Terry leading the charge. The Kamen are flying around with their swords and staffs.
Terry Dialogue- Destroy them!
Panel 2- More Kamen Valkyrie come out of the jungle from the good guys’ side.
Anya Dialogue- Watch your flanks!
Panel 3- More Kamen Valkyrie come from the jungle on their other side.
Anya Dialogue- We got to push through! Follow me!
Panel 4- Anya leads the soldiers as they charge ahead and try to bust through the line.
Anya Dialogue- Go! Go!

Page 12
Panel 1- The soldiers continue firing, some Kamen Valkyrie are killed, some soldiers are killed.
Terry Dialogue- Take them out! We got to move!
Panel 2- More fighting, with more wounded and dead.
Anya Dialogue- There’s too many!

Page 13
Panel 1- A bunch of soldiers are cut down by the attacks from the Kamen.
Anya Dialogue- Retreat! Get to cover!
Panel 2- Anya and Terry run through the jungle.
Anya Dialogue- Go! Go!
Panel 3- Anya, Terry, and a few soldiers are ducking behind some cover.
Anya Dialogue- We need to regroup!
Panel 4- Terry points to a building.
Terry Dialogue- There!
Anya Dialogue- Fall back!

Page 14
Panel 1- Anya, Terry, and a few soldiers rush into a building to get away from the Kamen Valkyries.
Anya Dialogue- Man, that was close!
Terry Dialogue- Let’s keep going…find out what else is here!
Panel 2- The groups heads further into the building, going down some stairs.
Terry Dialogue- We need undeniable proof that the Zai-Quo are here.
Panel 3- The group enters a room with a Zai-Quo on a computer.
Panel 4- The group blows the Zai-Quo away in a hail of gunfire.
Terry Dialogue- Die, punk!
Panel 5- Anya gestures dramatically at the computer, like a Price is Right model.
Anya Dialogue- Your proof, sir?
Panel 6- Terry thinking.
Terry Dialogue- If only we had a way to get this topside without having to carry the whole thing!

Page 15
Panel 1- Anya grabs a USB drive out of her pocket.
Anya Dialogue- You mean like this?
Panel 2- Anya winks at Terry.
Anya Dialogue- I always come prepared! maybe have a mini-panel where Anya inserts the USB drive?
Panel 3- Anya copies the data from the computer.
Anya Dialogue- Just a few more seconds. maybe have a mini-panel where Anya removes the USB drive?
Panel 4- Anya slips the USB drive into her pocket.
Anya Dialogue- Intel secured.
Terry Dialogue- Let’s head topside.
Panel 5- The building starts shaking.
Anya Dialogue- Oh, that’s not good!
Terry Dialogue- Get out of here!

Page 16
Panel 1- Anya, Terry, and the soldiers race through the crumbling building.
Anya Dialogue- We have the info but…
Terry Dialogue- The building’s about to collapse!
Panel 2- The entire island is moving.
Ted Radio Dialogue- It’s not just the building, the entire island looks like it’s about to collapse into the ocean!
Panel 3- Anya, Terry, and the soldiers hurdle over obstacles in their way like slabs of stone, toppled filing cabinets, etc.
Terry Dialogue- Don’t stop for anything!
Panel 4- Two Kamen Valkyries are standing in the doorway leading outside.
Anya Dialogue- Those Kamen are in our way!
Terry Dialogue- Push through! Don’t stop!

Page 17
Panel 1- Full splash of Anya and Terry leaping out of the door to the collapsing building. They’re both kicking the Kamen Valkyrie and shooting them as well.
Anya Dialogue- Yeah!
Ted Radio Dialogue- The entire island is about to go under!
Panel 2- Carmen looking concerned.
Carmen Dialogue- I’m on my way!

Page 18
Panel 1- Lord Bach closes his eyes and sighs.
Lord Bach Dialogue- Negative, there’s too much…too much danger. A rescue attempt will endanger too many lives.
Panel 2- Carmen looks outraged and angry.
Carmen Dialogue- You got to be kidding me!
Panel 3- The island is rumbling and quaking. Anya, Terry, and the soldiers are trying to remain upright.
Panel 4- Anya looks at Terry.
Anya Dialogue- No, don’t come for us, it’s too dangerous!
Terry Dialogue- Stand down, Carmen, that’s an order.

Page 19
Panel 1- Carmen runs onto an Apache Helo.
Carmen Dialogue- I don’t think so, I’m on my way, guys!
Ted Radio Dialogue- Negative! Your orders are to return to base! Do you copy?
Panel 2- The helo is taking off.
Ted Radio Dialogue- Return to base immediately! That’s an order!
Panel 3- The helo is heading toward the island.
Ted Radio Dialogue- Black Dog, turn back right now!

Page 20
Panel 1- Carmen piloting the helo.
Ted Radio Dialogue- Black Dog, you’re being ordered to turn around immediately! Do you copy?
Panel 2- Carmen continues piloting.
Ted Radio Dialogue- Black Dog, do you hear me? Your orders are to abort and return to base! Do you copy?
Panel 3- Carmen smirking at the radio.
Ted Radio Dialogue- Carmen, do you copy? Turn around! I don’t think she can hear me!
Carmen Dialogue- I can hear you but I’m not listening!

Page 21
Panel 1- Anya pointing towards the helo in the sky.
Anya Dialogue- Look! She’s coming!
Panel 2- The ground is quaking, throwing everyone off balance.
Terry Dialogue- She better hurry before we’re tossed into the sea!

Page 22
Panel 1- Carmen lands the helo. The back is opening.
Carmen Dialogue- Anybody order an Uber?
Carmen Dialogue 2- And no one can hear me, nevermind.
Panel 2- Carmen making a face as a voice comes over the radio from Ted at base.
Ted Voice Dialogue- We can hear you.
Ted Voice Dialogue 2- Good one.
Panel 3- Anya and Terry and the others get in the helo, with Terry waving his arms.
Terry Dialogue- Move! Move!

Page 23
Panel 1- Carmen checks to make sure everyone is onboard as she takes off.
Carmen Dialogue- Get strapped in! This could get bumpy!
Panel 2- Carmen pilots the helo as they fly towards the horizon/Tiger’s Claw as the island sinks into the abyss.
Carmen Dialogue- Let’s go home.

Page 24
Panel 1- Anya approaches her father.
Caption- Later on the Tiger’s Claw
Anya Dialogue- Father, I have news.
Panel 2- Lord Bach looks at Anya.
Lord Bach Dialogue- What is it, daughter?
Panel 3- Anya gestures.
Anya Dialogue- The Zai-Quo are here on Earth. They’re looking for Kevin.
Lord Bach Dialogue- Interesting.
Panel 4- Lord Bach crosses his arms.
Lord Bach Dialogue- There is no more Kevin. She’s Destiney now.


Page 1
Panel 1- Carmen driving home to her apartment in Coast City on her bike
Panel 2- Carmen passing a girl (Tonya Hope) on scooter.
Carmen Dialogue- Keep that toy off the road, kid!
Panel 3- Carmen coming to a red light and slowing down. Tonya is coming up behind her and she looks angry.
Scooter Girl (Tonya) Dialogue- Hey jerk! Scooters are better for the environment then that hunk of junk you’re riding!
Panel 4- Now Carmen looks angry as she glares at Scooter Girl (Tonya).
Carmen Dialogue- Watch your mouth, kid! This is a top of the line primo bike!
Scooter Girl (Tonya) Dialogue- It’s garbage!
Panel 5- Carmen looks like she’s ready to attack the girl, who’s recoiling back a bit.

Page 2
Panel 1- The light turns green and Carmen roars off angrily. Maybe Scooter Girl (Tonya) breathing a sigh of relief?
Panel 2- Carmen pulling in to her apartment complex.
Carmen Dialogue- Stupid kid! Talk that way to me!
Panel 3- Carmen walking to her apartment.
Carmen Dialogue- Terry! You won’t believe the idiot kid I just ran into!

Page 3
Panel 1- Terry Lee Hope is sitting on the couch. He was watching TV but he’s got the remote in one hand clicking the TV off.
TV Sound Effect- CLICK
Terry Dialogue- So much for watching this.
Carmen Dialogue- Terry!
Panel 2- Carmen bursts in the door, her complaining is all over the place, like her emotions.
Carmen Dialogue- This stupid kid! You won’t believe it! Trashtalks MY bike!
Panel 3- Terry has his hands up in front of him, trying to calm Carmen down and figure out what she’s upset about.
Terry Dialogue- Whoa, whoa, what’s going on? Take a breath.
Panel 4- Carmen fumes. The doorbell rings.
Carmen Dialogue- This…stupid little…brat!
Sound Effect- DING DONG
Terry Dialogue- I’ll get it, it should be my sister.
Panel 5- Terry is opening the door. Carmen is beside him with a shocked look on her face, her eyes bulging out of her head.
Terry Dialogue- Hey, Ton-
Carmen Dialogue (interrupting)- YOU!

Page 4
Panel 1- Large shot of Tonya standing in the doorway, also looking surprised. She has some luggage sitting on the floor beside her.
Caption Dialogue- Tonya Hope 18 years old Highly intelligent Fan of scooters
Tonya Dialogue- Uh…hi?
Panel 2- Carmen is outraged. Terry is confused.
Carmen Dialogue- You have the GALL to call my bike garbage then show up here and all you can say is “Hi”?
Terry Dialogue- Huh?
Panel 3- Carmen points at Tonya with anger and disgust.
Carmen Dialogue- This…is the little…BRAT I was telling you about!

Page 5
Panel 1- Terry is looking at Carmen as he talks, who looks surprised.
Terry Dialogue- That’s my sister, Tonya!
Carmen Dialogue- What?
Panel 2- Terry explains as Carmen starts walking away.
Terry Dialogue- Yeah, the one who’s going to be staying here for the summer.
Carmen Dialogue- You got to be kidding me!
Panel 3- Tonya is upset as she talks to Carmen.
Tonya Dialogue- I’m not a brat either!
Carmen Dialogue- Pfft!
Panel 4- Terry is talking, both girls are pointing at each other and laughing/smiling.
Terry Dialogue- Carmen, be nice.
Tonya Dialogue- Hah!
Terry Dialogue- You too, Tonya.
Carmen Dialogue- Hah!
Panel 5- Closeup of Terry as he looks dejected.
Terry Dialogue- It’s going to be a long summer!

Page 6
Panel 1- Anya Bach is walking to a helicopter aboard the Tiger’s Claw.
Caption- Location: South Atlantic Ocean aboard the Tiger’s Claw
Panel 2- Anya enters the helicopter, she’s making a thumb’s up gesture.
Anya Dialogue- Get us in the air!
Panel 3- Anya has put on a headset to talk to the pilot.
Anya Dialogue- We need to intercept the agents who were dispatched to find the child!
Pilot Dialogue- Yes, ma’am!

Page 7
Panel 1- Terry walks into the kitchen in his heart boxers. Carmen is already in the kitchen in her underwear and socks looking for food.
Caption- The next morning.
Terry Dialogue- You up already?
Carmen Dialogue- Need to refuel, I had a busy night.
Panel 2- Terry sees Tonya come out of Carmen’s room. She’s fully dressed.
Tonya Dialogue- Hey babe, I’m going to buy some tea from the tea house! Oh…hey, Terry.
Terry Dialogue- Huh?
Panel 3- Terry is confused.
Terry Dialogue- Wait a minute, what’s going on here?
Panel 4- Carmen kisses Tonya.
Carmen Dialogue- Last night was great.
Tonya Dialogue- Mmhm, it was.
Panel 5- Tonya is walking out the front door as Terry is surprised.
Tonya Dialogue- Bye! I’ll be back later!
Terry Dialogue- What the hell’s going on here!

Page 8
Panel 1- Terry follows Tonya down the hallway to the elevators in his heart boxers.
Terry Dialogue- Did you guys…
Tonya Dialogue- Terry, I love you, but that’s none of your business.
Panel 2- Terry protests as the elevator dings that it’s arrived.
Terry Dialogue- What are you talking about, none of my business? I’m your big brother!
Tonya Dialogue- You don’t need to protect me, big brother.
Panel 3- Tonya gets on as the elevator doors open, Terry following her.
Terry Dialogue- Yes, I do! That’s my job!
Tonya Dialogue- Protect me from Carmen? You’re roommates!
Panel 4- The superintendent of the building is already on the elevator. He clears his throat to alert them to his presence.
Sound Effect- Ahem
Superintendent- Mr. Hope, your attire is inexcusable!
Panel 5- The super is lecturing Terry and ordering him out of the elevator. Tonya is already leaving, leaning back to give the peace sign to Terry.
Super Dialogue- This kind of behavior is unacceptable! It’s reprehensible! I should call the police!
Terry Dialogue- But…but! I didn’t…
Tonya Dialogue- I’ll just take the stairs!

Page 9
Panel 1- Terry is walking back to his apartment as he shouts back towards where the elevators are, to the superintendent.
Terry Dialogue- You got my word, it won’t happen again!
Panel 2- Three men in trench coats are waiting outside Terry’s apartment as he approaches.
Terry Dialogue- Who are you guys? What are you doing here?
Panel 3- One of the gunmen hits Terry in the stomach with the butt of their gun.
Sound Effect- BAP
Terry Dialogue- Ooof!
Gunman 1 Dialogue- Shut up!
Gunman 2 Dialogue- Tell us where the kid is!
Panel 4- Terry standing, holding his stomach.
Terry Dialogue- Which is it? Shut up or tell you where the kid is?
Panel 5- Gunman 1 opens the door as Terry is thrown through it..
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Watch your mouth, punk!

Page 10
Panel 1- Carmen is shocked as 3 men with guns enter the apartment as Terry is on the floor.
Carmen Dialogue- Terry!
Panel 2- Carmen kneels next to Terry.
Carmen Dialogue- Who the hell are you guys?
Panel 3- Gunman 3 hits Carmen with the butt of his gun and she goes sprawling back.
Sound Effect- WHAP
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Shut up and tell us where the kid is!
Panel 4- Terry gets to his feet.
Terry Dialogue- You stupid punks! Drop the guns and let’s fight!

Page 11
Panel 1- Gunman 2 is punching at Terry but Terry has slightly more reach and connects with a punch to his jaw first.
Terry Dialogue- Come on! Bring it!
Panel 2- Gunman 3 punches Terry in the back of the head as Gunman 1 lunges at Carmen.
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Where’s the kid?
Panel 3- Carmen ducks under the punch of Gunman 1.
Panel 4- Tonya bursts through the door.
Tonya Dialogue- Oh my god!

Page 12
Panel 1- Gunman 3 kicks Tonya in the stomach.
Sound Effect- WHAM
Gunman 3 Dialogue- You shouldn’t have come back!
Tonya Dialogue- Oooff!
Panel 2- Terry tackles Gunman 3 and they crash through a table.
Table Sound Effect- CRASH
Terry Dialogue- Tonya!
Panel 3- Carmen kicks Gunman 1 in the inner thigh.
Panel 4- Carmen elbows Gunman 1 in the side of the head as he drops to a knee.

Page 13
Panel 1- Gunman 2 grabs Carmen in a rear-naked choke
Gunman 2 Dialogue- We just want the kid!
Panel 2- Carmen’s face is getting red and her eyes are rolling back into her head.
Gunman 2 Dialogue- Time to go to sleep!
Panel 3- Tonya breaks a chair over Gunman 2.
Chair Sound Effect- BASH
Tonya Dialogue- That’s a good idea!
Panel 4- Amy and Destiney walk into the apartment, their eyes are wide with surprise.
Caption Under Amy- Amy Williams 39 years old Terry’s girlfriend
Caption Under Destiney- Destiney Williams 18 years old Amy’s daughter
Amy Dialogue- What’s going on in here?

Page 14
Panel 1- Terry is choking Gunman 3 on the floor. Gunman 2 is trying to get up. Gunman 1 is coming from behind Terry to attack him.
Panel 2- Gunman 1 hits Terry and almost knocks him out.
Panel 3- Amy tries to cover and protect Destiney as there’s a knock on the door.
Sound Effect- KNOCK KNOCK
Amy Dialogue- Stay behind me!

Page 15
Panel 1- Usama kicks the door in.
Caption Dialogue- Usama Feline Princess All-Around Badass
Door Sound Effect- SMASH
Usama Dialogue- Sorry, I had to jump my cue but…it looks like I’m needed in here!
Panel 2- Uni Gunther comes in behind Usama.
Caption Dialogue- Uni Gunther Royal Advisor Wet Blanket
Uni Dialogue- Princess, please be serious!
Panel 3- Usama gets into a fighting stance.
Usama Dialogue- Oh, I’m serious! I’m seriously going to mess these guys up!

Page 16
Panel 1- Usama leaps at Gunman 1 with a flying kick from her left foot.
Usama Dialogue- Eat this, punk!
Panel 2- Usama connects with a flying kick, hitting Gunman 1 in the jaw.
Panel 3- Usama spins and nearly hits Gunman 2 with a spinning back fist.
Gunman 2 Dialogue- Missed!
Panel 4- Gunman 2 hits Usama with a punch to the mouth.
Gunman 2 Dialogue- I don’t miss!

Page 17
Panel 1- Usama wipes a tiny bit of blood from the edge of her mouth as she smiles.
Usama Dialogue- Not bad.
Panel 2- Usama swipes with her claws through the air.
Usama Dialogue- Now it’s my turn!
Panel 3- Usama slices Gunman 2 across his upper chest and shoulder.
Gunman 2 Dialogue- Aaahhh!!
Panel 4- A gunshot hits the wall right next to Usama’s head.
Sound Effect- BANG
Usama Dialogue- What the–?

Page 18
Panel 1- Big shot as Gunman 3 has his pistol pointed at the viewer, the barrel is still smoking.
Gunman 3 Dialogue- The next one’s going in your head!
Panel 2- Usama looks angry.
Usama Dialogue- You took a shot at me?
Panel 3- Usama is jumping at Gunman 3, he shoots her through the shoulder
Sound Effect- BANG
Usama Dialogue- Arrgghh!!!

Page 19
Panel 1- Usama holding the shoulder that just got shot.
Usama Dialogue- You’re gonna pay for that!
Panel 2- Usama roaring in anger, Gunman 3 recoiling.
Usama Dialogue- ROAR!
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Oh crap!
Panel 3- Usama charges at Gunman 3, he’s shooting at her a few times but misses.
Gun Sound Effects- BANG BANG
Panel 4- Usama slashes Gunman 3 in the stomach, hurting him badly.
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Urrgghh!!

Page 20
Panel 1- Usama licking her claws.
Usama Dialogue- Got ’em!
Panel 2- Gunman 3 falls to his knees.
Gunman 3 Dialogue- It’s too late for me!
Panel 3- Gunman 3 pulls his pistol up.
Gunman 3 Dialogue-There’s no other choice!
Panel 4- Gunman 1 and Gunman 2 grab Amy and Destiney as Gunman 3 shoots the window out.
Gun Sound Effect- BANG
Window Breaking Sound Effect- CRASH
Gunman 3 Dialogue- Take them and go!
Amy Dialogue- Terry!
Destiney Dialogue- Mom!

Page 21
Panel 1- Large shot as Gunman 1 and Gunman 2 jump out the window with Amy and Destiney in their arms.
Amy Dialogue- AAAHHH!!!
Terry Dialogue- Amy!
Panel 2- On the ground, they throw Amy and Destiney into a van.
Gunman 1 Dialogue- Get’em in there, let’s go!
Driver Dialogue- Get in, hurry!
Panel 3- The van drives off as Terry yells after it, as does
Terry Dialogue- Amy! Destiney!

Page 22
Panel 1- Terry, Usama, Carmen, and Tonya rush to the bikes to chase after the gunmen.
Carmen Dialogue- We got to get to the bikes!
Terry Dialogue- Hurry!
Panel 2- They get on their bikes, Usama jumps on behind Terry and Tonya gets on behind Carmen. Uni yells after Usama
Uni Gunther Dialogue- Princess, wear a helmet!
Panel 3- They roar off down the road in pursuit.

Issue 3

Page 1
Panel 1- Terry and Usama on one bike and Carmen and Tonya on another racing down the street.
Caption Dialogue- Carmen, Tonya, Terry, and Usama desperately race after the kidnapped Amy and her daughter Destiney.
Terry Dialogue- We got to catch them!
Carmen Dialogue- We will!
Panel 2- Tonya looks up and spots Anya’s helicopter landing on a bridge far up ahead.
Tonya Dialogue- Look!
Panel 3- Carmen yelling to Terry as she turns her bike onto another road.
Carmen Dialogue- Split up! Force them to the bridge!

Page 2
Panel 1- Inside the van, three gunmen grapple with Amy and Destiney as they struggle to get free in the back of the van. (Gunman 3 is wounded and has died at Carmen and Terry’s apartment)
Amy Dialogue- Destiney!
Destiney Dialogue- Leave my mom alone!
Gunman 1 Dialogue- Tie ’em up!
Panel 2- Gunman 4 looks out the back window of the van.
Gunman 4 Dialogue- We lost one!
Panel 3- The driver of the van looks to his right and sees Carmen’s bike a block over as they both pass an intersection.
Driver Dialogue- No, we haven’t!
Panel 4- Gunman 4 sees Terry and Usama coming in close to the van.
Gunman 4 Dialogue- Step on it!

Page 3
Panel 1- Tonya is grabbing at Carmen frantically as she’s scared by the tremendous speeds they’re moving at. One of her hands is on Carmen’s face (maybe covering an eye?) and the other is on her neck and shoulder.
Tonya Dialogue- AAAHHH!!!
Carmen Dialogue- Babe…your hand! Move your hand!
Panel 2- Carmen looks to her left and sees the van in the next intersection.
Carmen Dialogue- We need to get ahead of them!
Panel 3- Carmen accelerates the bike.
Carmen Dialogue- Hold on!
Tonya Dialogue- AAHH!!
Panel 4- Carmen’s bike zooms ahead at very high speeds.
Tonya Dialogue- Slow down!

Page 4
Panel 1- They force Amy and Destiney’s arms behind them. Gunman 1 is tying up Amy as Gunman 2 is tying up Destiney.
Destiney Dialogue- Leave her alone, you jerk!
Gunman 2 Dialogue- Quiet!
Panel 2- Destiney is struggling and yelling at Gunman 2.
Destiney Dialogue- Screw you!
Panel 3- Gunman 4 backhands Destiney.
Gunman 4 Dialogue- Shut your mouth!
Amy Dialogue- Destiney!
Panel 4- Destiney falls onto her left side against the side of the van.
Amy Dialogue- Honey!

Page 5
Panel 1- Gunman 4 backhands Amy.
Gunman 4 Dialogue- Shut up!
Panel 2- Destiney screams for her mom.
Caption Dialogue- Destiney feels something building inside her as her stress and anger grow.
Destiney Dialogue- Mom!
Panel 3- Gunman 1 gagging Amy as Gunman 2 tries to gag Destiney.
Gunman 4 Dialogue- Gag ’em! That’ll shut ’em up!
Panel 4- Amy looks at Destiney with wide eyes as she tries to talk to her.
Amy Dialogue- Mmmrrrpphh!

Page 6
Panel 1- Terry pulls the bike next to the van’s left side.
Terry Dialogue- We need to keep them on this road!
Panel 2- The driver yells to the other gunman.
Driver Dialogue- We got company on our left!
Panel 3- Anya and some soldiers are waiting on the bridge.
Anya Dialogue- They’re coming this way! Get a spike strip ready!
Panel 4- Destiney looks up at the gunmen with anger in her eyes.
Caption Dialogue- Destiney feels a power growing within her as her heart beats wildly in her chest.
Destiney Dialogue- Mom…

Page 7
Panel 1- Terry slows the bike some to let the van get ahead of them.
Terry Dialogue- There’s Anya!
Panel 2- A soldier yells to Anya.
Soldier Dialogue- Spike strip in position, ma’am!
Panel 3- The van runs over the spike strip, blowing the tires out. The van begins to flip.
Driver Dialogue- Crap!
Panel 4- Destiney screams, her eyes wide with fear. Cosmic energy is coming out of her eyes.
Caption Dialogue- Destiney has finally had her true powers emerge. Born Kevin before transitioning, she was brought to Earth by Lord Bach, the Tiger, to protect her because she’s the true heir to the throne of the Four Kingdoms.
Destiney Dialogue- MOM!

Page 8
Panel 1- Big panel of Destiney and her mom coming out of the flipping van, encased in a ball of pure energy. I’m thinking blue but can be any color.
Amy Dialogue- Honey! My god!
Caption Dialogue- (Phoenix’s name), the Phoenix, has taken the throne by force and sees Destiney as nothing but a threat to be eliminated.
Panel 2- Destiney and Amy land in front of Anya. Destiney has energy coming out of her eyes. Or whatever you think would look cool.
Anya Dialogue- The child!
Panel 3- Terry with Usama and Carmen with Tonya come up on their bikes.
Terry Dialogue- Amy!
Tonya Dialogue- Destiney?

Page 9
Panel 1- The van explodes in a massive explosion.
Caption Dialogue- Another cosmic powered being has entered and explodes the van to eliminate loose ends.
Panel 2- Shin-Tzu and Shi-Tzu stand atop a building looking down at the bridge.
Caption Dialogue- Shin-Tzu The Turtle King of the Eastern Kingdom
Caption Dialogue- Shi-Tzu Highly intelligent Queen of the Eastern Kingdom
Panel 3- The good guys are standing around talking.
Anya Dialogue- We need to regroup elsewhere.
Amy Dialogue- I know a place. My uncle owns a restaurant a few blocks away.
Panel 4- Shin-Tzu and Shi-Tzu smile at each other.
Shin-Tzu Dialogue- Do you hear that, my wife?
Shi-Tzu Dialogue- I do, dear husband.

Page 10
Panel 1- Everyone is in the restaurant. Destiney is back to normal now and is sitting down. Two soldiers are accompanying Anya.
Terry Dialogue- Is it okay for us to be here?
Amy Dialogue- Yeah, they haven’t opened yet.
Usama Dialogue- I’m hungry. Uni, get me food.
Panel 2- Carmen and Anya are talking to Destiney.
Carmen Dialogue- You okay, kid?
Destiney Dialogue- I’m just…tired.
Anya Dialogue- So…your powers, huh?
Carmen Dialogue 2- Smooth.
Panel 3- Uni looking at some newspaper clippings that are framed on the wall. It reads “Local Hero Astronaut Goes Missing!” then it has a picture of a younger Amy and under the picture it says Amy Williams. Next to it is a clipping that reads “Local Hero Astronaut Returns After 3 Years!”. It has a picture next to it where Amy looks pregnant. Under the picture it says Amy Williams.
Uni Dialogue- Princess, look at this!
Panel 4- Usama looking at the clippings.
Usama Dialogue- You’ve gotten old.
Uni Dialogue- Princess!
Panel 5- Amy walking over, talking to Usama.
Amy Dialogue- Yeah, that was, uh…a long time ago.
Usama Dialogue- At least you lost weight.

Page 11
Panel 1- Amy talking to Usama.
Amy Dialogue- Actually, I was…pregnant. With Destiney.
Panel 2- Tonya walking over to Amy. Carmen leaning into the shot.
Tonya Dialogue- But you were gone for…for years!
Carmen Dialogue- Three years!
Panel 3- Amy talking to everyone. Tonya is patting Carmen on the head in the background. Carmen has a cheesy grin on her face.
Tonya Dialogue- Thanks, babe.
Amy Dialogue- It’s a long story but…I met someo-
Panel 4- The wall explodes.
Sound Effect- BOOM
Panel 5- Everybody’s on the ground, trying to get up. A few of them have some scrapes and dirt on them. They’re all looking at where the blast came from.
Terry Dialogue- What was that?
Anya Dialogue- Is everybody okay?

Page 12
Panel 1- Shin-Tzu, the Turtle, and Shi-Tzu, the Queen, are standing in the hole in the wall.
Shin-Tzu Dialogue- Don’t worry if you’re not okay. We’re going to kill everyone here anyway!
Panel 2- Usama looks angry and determined.
Usama Dialogue- Big mistake!
Panel 3- Usama charges the Turtle.
Usama Dialogue- You shouldn’t run your mouth unless you can back it up!
Panel 4- The Turtle smirks.
Panel 5- Usama is leaping at the Turtle.
Turtle Dialogue- Take this!

Page 13
Panel 1- Usama and Shin-Tzu, the Turtle, each punch each other with their right hands. The Turtle’s cosmic energy is emanating from his hands.
Sound Effect- BOOM
Panel 2- They both go flying back in opposite directions.
Panel 3- Usama crashes into the wall.
Sound Effect- SMASH
Panel 4- The Turtle crashes into some tables, chairs, and the wall.
Sound Effect- CRASH

Page 14
Panel 1- Closeup of Shi-Tzu, the Queen, yelling for her husband.
Shi-Tzu Dialogue- Are you okay, husband?
Panel 2- Shin-Tzu, the Turtle, emerges from the wreckage. He looks a little beat up but more determined to fight.
Turtle Dialogue- I’m fine.
Panel 3- Closeup of the Turtle as he wipes some blood from the left corner of his mouth.
Turtle Dialogue- Just fine.
Panel 4- Carmen yelling to Tonya and the others. Amy is putting herself between Destiney and danger.
Destiney Dialogue- Mom!
Carmen Dialogue- Tonya, get out of here! Get to cover!
Panel 5- Anya aiming her pistol at the Turtle, two soldiers aiming their guns at him as well.
Anya Dialogue- Open fire!
Panel 6- Wide shot of Anya and the soldiers firing their guns at the Turtle, who has his hand up, the palm facing towards them. The bullets are in the middle of the shot.

Page 15
Panel 1- Shin-Tzu, the Turtle, has his hand out and has stopped the bullets in mid-air with his powers. Maybe have some cool cosmic power looking energy?
Turtle Dialogue- You fools!
Panel 2- The Turtle flicks his wrist.
Turtle Dialogue- I am a GOD!!
Panel 3- The bullets are sent back towards the good guys. The two soldiers are shot and killed. Anya is hit in the shoulder.
Anya Dialogue- AAHHH!!!
Panel 4- Shi-Tzu, the Queen, has snuck behind the good guys and is right behind Destiney.

Page 16
Panel 1- Shi-Tzu, the Queen, kicks Destiney in the head, knocking her out.
Shi-Tzu Dialogue- Stupid child!
Amy Dialogue- Destiney!
Panel 2- Terry running at Shi-Tzu.
Terry Dialogue- Leave her alone!
Panel 3- Terry punches Shi-Tzu.
Terry Dialogue- Get away from them!
Panel 4- Terry and Shi-Tzu are fighting. You can see Shin-Tzu, the Turtle, hand like a 1st person shooter. He’s firing a cosmic bolt at Terry.
Turtle Dialogue- Get away from my wife!
Panel 5- Amy looks terrified.
Amy Dialogue- Terry!

Page 17
Panel 1- Small panel of the bolt traveling in the air.
Panel 2- Usama has jumped in front of Terry and has her arms crossed in front of her, blocking the bolt.
Usama Dialogue- Mister, you’re really starting to make me mad!
Panel 3- Carmen punches Shin-Tzu, the Turtle.
Carmen Dialogue- Damn you!
Panel 4- The Turtle backhands Carmen and sends her flying back and crashing through some tables.

Page 18
Panel 1- Usama leaps at Shin-Tzu, the Turtle.
Usama Dialogue- Try that with me!
Panel 2- Usama claws the Turtle a few times.
Panel 3- Usama and the Turtle trade punches.
Usama Dialogue- Bring it on!
Panel 4- Shi-Tzu, the Queen, looms over Amy as she kneels next to Destiney to try to help her.
Shi-Tzu Dialogue- You stupid humans! Time to die!
Amy Dialogue- Destiney!

Page 19
Panel 1- Terry punches Shi-Tzu.
Terry Dialogue- Get the hell away from them!
Panel 2- Shi-Tzu flips Terry to the ground, through a table.
Sound Effect- CRASH
Terry Dialogue- Ooof!!
Panel 3- Shi-Tzu stands over Amy, who’s recoiling and has her hands in front of her in a defensive posture.
Shi-Tzu Dialogue- You annoying worms!
Amy Dialogue- No, please!
Panel 4- Anya shoots Shi-Tzu in the back, Shi-Tzu starting to fall to the ground as you can see Anya behind her with her gun.
Sound Effect- BLAM BLAM

Page 20
Panel 1- Small closeup of Shin-Tzu, the Turtle. He looks angry.
Turtle Dialogue- Shi!
Panel 2- The Turtle punches Usama and sends her flying through the wall.
Turtle Dialogue- Damn you all!
Panel 3- Anya, Carmen, and Terry rush the Turtle. Carmen and Terry both have chair legs in their hands.
Panel 4- Anya has fired her pistol at the Turtle but he’s grabbed her arm. Carmen and Terry both hit the Turtle with their chair legs, breaking them.
Panel 5- The Turtle hits Carmen and Anya with punches to the chest that send them flying back.

Page 21
Panel 1- Terry punches Shin-Tzu, the Turtle in the face. It barely seems to affect the Turtle.
Panel 2- Closeup of the Turtle looking at Terry with disgust.
Turtle Dialogue- You’re a fool!
Panel 3- The Turtle punches Terry in the stomach.
Terry Dialogue- Uuurrgghh!!
Panel 4- Terry falls to the side of the Turtle.
Turtle Dialogue- It’s a pity you humans are so weak or I might have a sense of satisfaction now.
Panel 5- Carmen trying to stand. She’s beaten up and hurt but resolute in her standing up to the Turtle.
Carmen Dialogue- You’ll never win!

Page 22
Panel 1- Closeup of Shin-Tzu, the Turtle scowling at Carmen.
Turtle Dialogue- Enough of this! I grow bored.
Panel 2- The Turtle has fired two blasts, one aimed at Amy and the other aimed at Tonya.
Turtle Dialogue- Who will you save, human? You must choose!
Panel 3- Closeup of Carmen with a look of desperation on her face.

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