Issue 1

Page 1
The scene starts with Jonathan walking in the park late at night listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams
“I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever-“ KRA-KOOOOOOM!!!
A loud burst came out of nowhere and as the dust settled two ladies appeared. One is a tall woman with long red hair. Her skin is pale and has plenty of tattoos all over. But her left arm has been chopped off and covered in bandages. The other has short bluish to green hair holding a magical bow and arrow. Her name is Alice. All of her clothes were white; from her scarf, body armor, skirt and boots. Alice readies her bow.
Alice Dialogue: Stand down.

Page 2
The other woman stood with no hesitation. Suddenly Alice shoots the woman but with one swift strike she deflects the arrow with her sword. Alice keeps firing but again the woman still blocks her shot. Alice aims at her and charges her arrow by casting a spell. The woman charges at Alice and SHLIKKK! Alice shoots the woman’s shoulder.

Page 3
Due to the arrow’s force the woman flies back and lands next to Jonathan. Jonathan, terrified of what he just witnessed, is frozen in front of her. The woman trips Jonathan by slide kicking his foot. Jonathan falls on the ground and the woman bites his neck, sucking his blood.
Alice Dialogue: NO!
The woman then fled the scene leaving Alice and the unconscious Jonathan.

Scene 2
Page 4
Jonathan lying on a bed covered in sheets. The place is a treatment facility. A mysterious man in a white robe appears. He looks like he’s in his 40’s. He has a friendly and welcoming smile on his face.
Man Dialogue: Hey you, you’re finally awake.
Jonathan Dialogue: Where am I? Who are you?
Man Dialogue: Easy kid. You’ve been in a coma for 2 days.
Jonathan Dialogue: Two days?!
Doc Dialogue: Yeah. The name’s Doc. But you can just call me Doctor.
Jonathan looks confused as Alice enters the room as well.
Doc Dialogue: Not that type of crowd.
Alice Dialogue: It wasn’t even funny to begin with.

Page 5
Doc Dialogue: That girl over there is Alice. She likes the dramatic entrance, though she’s still wet behind the ears.
Alice Dialogue: Hey!
Jonathan Dialogue: Huh? What’s that mean? “Still wet behind the ears.”?
Doc Dialogue: It means she’s not as experienced as she thinks.
Jonathan Dialogue: Ah…do you have any references from this century?
Doc Dialogue: Funny, kid, funny. Anyway, she’s the girl that saved you. And you are?
Jonathan Dialogue: Oh uh- Jonathan. What is this place anyway?
Alice looks to Doc.

Page 6
Doc Dialogue: We are The Court. We are the judge, the jury, and the executioner. We hunt down the beasts of the night that terrorize the earth.
Jonathan Dialogue: I’m sorry, what?
Alice Dialogue: Basically, we hunt down monsters.
Jonathan Dialogue: Don’t be silly, monsters don’t-
Alice Dialogue: You remember now, don’t you? What happened a couple nights before?
Jonathan Dialogue: Wait- no no no no- That can’t be- Are you?
Alice nods.

Page 7
Jonathan Dialogue: So what I witnessed on that night was real?
Alice Dialogue: Yes.
Jonathan Dialogue: Who was that and why?
Alice Dialogue: The woman that you saw…her name is Mer. She’s a vampire, one of the most dangerous monsters out there. She’s been on our radar for years now but we haven’t been able to get her.
Jonathan Dialogue: Wait, if you’re still a beginner, how did you manage to defeat her?
Doc Dialogue: Her arm. She draws power from her arm. She’s still a great fighter but just not as strong as before. And when she bit you… well…
Jonathan Dialogue: So I’m a-
Doc Dialogue: Not exactly. You see, when a vampire’s saliva mixes in your bloodstream, you turn into a vampire. Somehow you didn’t. I took the liberty of getting blood samples while you were asleep and I’m still running the tests to figure out how. Until then I think the best thing to do now is to stay close to us. Who knows what might happen. There might still be some more monsters lurking in the shadows and I still can’t rule out the possibility that you might turn sooner or later. I’ll have Alice look over you for a while.

Page 8
Jonathan Dialogue: So I might get superpowers?
Doc Dialogue: It’s not uh…
Jonathan Dialogue: Bring’em on! I’ll just be walking home late at night…(Jonathan turns toward Doc) When the Doom music kicks in!
-This is where you can have some shots of Jonathan destroying some monsters with his punches in a dream sequence. Then a shot of Doc and Alice watching Jonathan as he punches the air, they’re both cringing.

Page 9
Doc Dialogue: Uh no. But…you should try contacting your parents. They might be really-
Jonathan Dialogue: I don’t have to.
Jonathan has a sad look in his eyes.
Doc Dialogue: Ok. Also, please keep in mind that in order to not cause a major panic, we keep our identities a secret to everyone. That should include you. But since you are a witness and an anomaly, with your blood and all, we allowed you to know about us so you would know who to turn to in case of emergencies. Just don’t tell anyone. Can we count on you with that?
Jonathan Dialogue: Yes. I won’t tell anyone.
Doc Dialogue: Good.

Page 10
Jonathan Dialogue: Hey so…I might be like that Twilight guy?
Doc Dialogue: Um…I, I don’t know who or what that is.
Jonathan Dialogue: I figured, I was just testing you. Though you really should be more knowledgeable of pop culture. I mean, that movie’s over 10 years old by now.
Doc Dialogue: You know, I do have more important things to worry about. Like helping The Court stop the monstrous beasts that could destroy our society.
Jonathan Dialogue: All right, all right. I’m just saying.

Scene 3
Page 11

Jonathan is standing by the window. Alice approaches him from the side.
Alice Dialogue: You seem to be taking this pretty easy for someone who was told he got bitten by a vampire.
Jonathan Dialogue: Well, there’s no point in denying what I saw with my own eyes. Besides…this is my origin story. I’m excited.
Alice Dialogue: This isn’t a movie, this isn’t a game!
Jonathan Dialogue: Spoken like a true NPC.
Alice Dialogue: Huh?
Jonathan Dialogue: Nevermind, I… Look, I…I often use humor as a way to cope with things. You can’t cry if you’re laughing, right?
Alice Dialogue: How are you feeling?
Jonathan Dialogue: Honestly worried, scared. I don’t know what to do now.
Alice Dialogue: Don’t worry, The Court is here to protect everyone and that includes you.
Jonathan: Thanks. I’ll be in your care.

Scene 4
Page 12

Early morning in school
Teacher Dialogue: Oh Jonathan you’re back. What happened?
Jonathan Dialogue: I had a fever.
Teacher Dialogue: I hope you’re feeling better. Please take a seat. Alright everyone, I have an announcement to make. We will be having a transfer student, if you please.
Alice walks inside the classroom.
Alice Dialogue: Hello everyone, my name is Alice Cambelle. It’s a pleasure meeting you all. I hope we can get along.
Teacher Dialogue: I think I speak for everyone when I say that we welcome you here in Pamelton High. Now please take a seat over there.
Alice sees an empty seat next to Jonathan. Alice walks towards the seat.

Page 13
Jonathan Dialogue: Hi again. What are the odds of us sitting next to each other, huh?
Alice Dialogue: yeah. It feels awfully convenient don’t you think? It’s as if there was someone writing the outcomes of our lives.
Jonathan chuckles
Jonathan Dialogue: Is this what you guys meant when you said to look over me?
Alice Dialogue: Yup
Jonathan Dialogue: How did you even manage to get in here?
Alice Dialogue: The entrance exam was fairly easy. How stupid could you be to- Oh. Sorry I didn’t mean to-
Jonathan Dialogue: Nah, its fine.
Jonathan smiles to hide the pain.
Alice Dialogue: Did you feel anything strange last night? Anything at all?
Jonathan Dialogue: No.
Alice Dialogue: That’s good.

Scene 5
Page 14

Doc in his lab running the test on Jonathan’s blood
Doc Dialogue: Impossible. I must alert the higher ups.
Doc rushes to the council. The room is filled with men in white robes and hoods covering their faces.
Doc Dialogue: I have news! Jonathan, the boy we found two days ago. He’s the one. He’s the one we’ve been searching for! I did my research and he is of pure blood.
Man 1 Dialogue: Are you certain of this?
Doc Dialogue: Yes, I’m positive! I have the result here!
Man 2 Dialogue: We must take him in then. Quickly!

Scene 6
Page 15

Jonathan and Alice walking home at night.
Alice Dialogue: I got a call from The Council.
Jonathan Dialogue: Do you guys communicate via crows or something?
Alice grabs her phone.
Alice Dialogue: It’s the age of technology, dude.
Jonathan Dialogue: Right. So what’s up?
Alice Dialogue: We’re going on a mission.
Jonathan Dialogue: Oh well good lu- wait, we?
Scene cuts to Jonathan and Alice hiding behind the bushes, spying on a woman inside her apartment.
Jonathan Dialogue: Oh crap.

Page 16
Alice and Jonathan are in the bushes outside an apartment.
Jonathan Dialogue: Why am I here again?
Alice Dialogue: The Court sees something within you. A hidden gift if you will. They want to test you to see if you can handle the task because if you can then we’ll ask you to join us.
Jonathan Dialogue: By gift you mean like powers only the chosen one in a movie has? And if so what is it?
Alice Dialogue: I don’t know yet. Guess we’ll just have to find out.
Alice points at a woman by the window.
Alice Dialogue: See that woman; she is what we call a mananangal. Every night, she cuts her body in half leaving her torso behind. She grows wings from her back and flies into the night to hunt for her prey.
Jonathan Dialogue: What? Ew, that’s nasty.

Page 17
Alice gives Jonathan a small pouch.
Alice Dialogue: Here.
Jonathan Dialogue: What’s this?
Alice Dialogue: Salt. Pour it on her lower body while I distract her.
JonathanDialogue: How do you know that’s her?
Alice Dialogue: I was assigned to her the night I found you. I was about to take her down but then there were reports of sightings of Mer. So this assignment was put on hold. She’s on the move. Let’s go! (everything is shown through flashback)

Page 18
Jonathan and Alice follow the mananangal towards a pasture. Both of them are hiding behind a tree. She rips off her body, spewing blood and guts everywhere.
Jonathan Dialogue: eulgh Christ.
The mananangal grows wings and flies away.
Alice Dialogue: Hurry before she gets back.
Jonathan runs toward the lower body. The mananangal quickly spots him from the sky. She also sees Alice aiming at her. Alice shoots; the mananangal catches the arrow and throws it back. Alice dodges the arrow. The mananangal swoops in and snatches Jonathan.
Jonathan Dialogue: AAARGH
Alice Dialogue: Jonathan!

Page 19
Jonathan squirming trying to break free
Alice aims at the mananangal. She hits her, causing her to drop Jonathan.
Jonathan Dialogue: HUAGH!
Jonathan falls to the ground and tumbles down a rocky slope. Back and forth the mananangal keeps swooping in to scratch Alice with her sharp claws.

Page 20
The mananangal grabs onto Alice’s neck as she continues to go up. Alice summons an arrow from her hand and stabs the mananangal on the head killing her. Alice falls to the ground and lands on some grass.
Alice Dialogue: Oof!
Alice gets up searching for Jonathan.
Alice Dialogue: Jonathan! JONATHAN!

Page 21
A broken, wounded hand comes up from the slope and grabs onto the ledge. Jonathan climbs up and Alice sees Jonathan with plenty of blood gushing out and a tree branch impaled his stomach.
Jonathan Dialogue: I think I found my gift…
P.S. Is it possible to have the last few pages include character designs, or an afterword or something else along those lines and the last page includes some kind of after credit scene that goes like this?

Page 22
After credits: Mer is seen sitting by a corner and has a wounded shoulder, the one she got during the battle. She has a stream of blood running from her mouth. She licks it.
Mer Dialogue: So it was you…
She says with a smile on her face.

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