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This is a browser you can use that does bitcoin mining as you surf the web. You can set the mining speed to use more or less resources or pause it if you want. It doesn’t make a ton of money (I imagine the real deal is by getting lots of referrals under you) but if you’re on the internet anyway, why not earn some bitcoin while you’re at it?

This is a site where you can take surveys, watch videos, download apps, email submits and various other things to earn money. You get what you put into it so if you can devote time to it, you can make decent money here. Again, getting referrals can pay off big.

Coinbase is a site where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. You can also complete these video lessons and get free cryptocurrency. Click the link up above to join and we both get free cryptocurrency when you buy or sell $100.

EOS lessons XLM lessons

I used Coinbase to buy crypto and I’m currently holding one called Tezos that offers 4% interest, so I’ve already earned a lot more in interest than I would if that money were sitting in the bank. They pay the interest in whatever crypto you earn it in, just to be clear.


BlockFi is a site to hold your crypto and earn interest on it. I used Coinbase to buy some Bitcoin, sent it to BlockFi and hold it to earn interest. I’m getting 6% interest on my Bitcoin. They pay the interest back in Bitcoin so I’m increasing my amount every month. Just as with Coinbase, click the link above to sign up and we’ll both earn $10 in Bitcoin after you deposit $100 in an interest earning account.


You get a free stock for signing up and linking your bank account.

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